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Inauguration of Islamabad Toll Plaza

Update 27/08/16

Karachi - Hyderabad Motorway (M-9)

Barrier done, Saplings planted on both sides, work on Left shoulder 3.65m started.

M - Motorway.....

Peshawar-Islamabad remains M-1
Islamabad-Lahore remains M-2
Lahore-Abdul Hakeem is now M-3
Pindi Bhattian-Faisalabad-Multan is now M-4
Multan-Sukkur remains M-5
Sukkur-Hyderabad remains M-6
Hub-dadu is M-7
Karachi-Hyderabad remains M-9
Karachi Northern bypass- M-10


All the "S" roads are strategic roads.

S-1: (near) Gilgit to Skardu, length = 167km, location = GB
S-2: Kohala-Muzaffarabad, length = 40km, location = AJK
S-3: Muzaffarabad - Chakothi, lenght = 55km, location=AJK
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Lowari Tunnel to see traffic in June 2017


PESHAWAR - Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif Wednesday announced establishment of Chitral University and construction of main Chakdara-Chitral Motorway along with early completion of Lowari Tunnel up to June 2017.

In his landmark visit to Chitral, the prime minister was also accompanied by Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Governor Iqbal Zafar Jhagra, Adviser to Prime Minister Ameer Muqam, former governor Mehtab Abbassi, State Minister for Information Technology Anosha Rahman, MNA Upper Dir Sahibzada Tariq, minority MNA Asfandyar Bandhara, MNA Chitral Shehzada Iftikharuddin and district Nazim Chitral Mafirat Shah.

Motorways In Pakistan

Name : M-1
From: Peshawar – Islamabad
Length: 155 km
Lanes: 6
Completed in: 2007
Status: Operational
It takes 1.5 hours to travel from Islamabad/ Rawalpindi to Peshawar.

Name: M-2
From: Islamabad - Lahore
Length: 367 km
Lanes: 6
Completed: 1997
Status: Operational
It takes 3.5–4 hours to travel from Islamabad/ Rawalpindi to Lahore.

Name: M-3
From: Pindi Bhattian – Faisalabad
Length: 54 km
Lanes: 4
Completed: 2003
Status: Operational
Special Remarks: Connects the M-2 Motorway (near Pindi Bhattian) to Faisalabad and the M-4 Motorway. It takes less than 30 minutes from M2 junction to reach Faisalabad.
It takes 2.5–3 hours to travel from Islamabad/ Rawalpindi to Faisalabad.

Name: M-4
From: Faisalabad – Multan
Length: 233 km
Lanes: 4
Completed in: 2018
Status: Section 1 & Section 4 operational. Section 2 and 3 are under-construction.
Under construction since 2009.
Faisalabad-Gojra 58 km section and Khanewal-Multan 45 km section completed and opened for traffic. M4 Will connect with Karachi-Lahore Motorway at Khanewal and with M-3 in Faisalabad.

Name: M-5
From: Multan – Sukkur
Length: 392 km
Lanes: 6
Completed in: 2019
Status: Under construction Under Construction since May 2016. The project is expected to be completed in 2019.

Name: M-6
From: Hyderabad – Sukkur
Length: 296 km
Lanes: 6
Completed: 2018
Status: Planned
Construction is expected to begin in 2017.

Name: M-7
From: Dadu – Hub
Length: 270 km
Lanes: 4
Status: Planned

Name: M-8
From: Ratodero – Gwadar
Length: 892 km
Lanes: 4
Completed in: 2017
Status: Partially Operational/Under Construction 2-lane Ratodero-Shahdadkot section complete and operational. 2-lane Shahdadkot-Khuzdar section under construction. Work on 193 km Gwadar-Turbat-Hoshab-Khuzdar section has been completed and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Army Chief Raheel Sharif inaugurated it on Feb 3, 2016. The entire project is expected to complete towards end of 2017.

Name: M-9
From: Hyderabad – Karachi
Length: 136 km
Lanes: 6
Completed in: August 2017
Status: Partially Operational/Under Construction Upgradation of existing Super Highway into 6-lane motorway. Under Construction since 11/03/2015 and will be completed in August 2017.

Name: M-10
From: Karachi Northern Bypass
Length: 57 km
Lanes: 4
Completed in: 2009
Status: Operational
Currently 2-lanes, to be upgraded to 4-lanes.

Name: TBA
From: Lahore-Abdul Hakeem Motorway
Length: 230 km
Lanes: 6
Completed in: June 2018
Status: Under construction

Name: TBA
From: Sialkot Lahore Motorway
Length: 89 km
Lanes: 6
Completed in: August 2018
Status: Planned
Lang acquisition underway

Name: TBA
From: Hakla–Dera Ismail Khan Motorway
Length: 280 km
Lanes: 8
Completed in: May 2019
Status: Under Construction
Can you please share link of NHA's Interactive map with us, whose picture you had shared above?
4 Lane Indus Highway (N-55) up- gradation Construction Tendering Process Dera Ismail Khan Peshawar Section of N-55 (220 Km ) Link CPEC Western Route Motorway at Yarik Dera (Ismail Khan) KPK

The Indus Highway also known as National Highway (N-55) is a 1264 km long four-lane national highway that runs along the Indus River in Pakistan connecting the port city of Karachi with the northwestern city of Peshawar via Dera Ghazi Khan. It is part of Pakistan's National Highways network and is maintained and operated by Pakistan's National Highway Authority. The Indus Highway passes through the Kohat Tunnel Dera Ismail Khan, Kohat, Bannu and Peshawar Districts.

NHA green-lights Indus Highway dualisation for western corridor

ISLAMABAD: The National Highway Authority (NHA) Executive Board has approved the proposal for dualisation and improvement of Indus Highway (N-55) from Sarai Gambila to Kohat, which is about 128 kilometres and construction of a four-lane access controlled motorway of about 49 kilometres between Yarik and Sagu, said a press release issued on Thursday.

The board met at NHA head office on Thursday with its Chairman Shahid Ashraf Tarar in the chair to review progress on countrywide highway schemes, it said.

While giving details of the two projects, the NHA chairman informed the meeting that the additional carriageway between Sarai Gambila and Kohat would cost around Rs 30 billion, which includes construction of 26 bridges with one major bridge on Kurrum River, it added.

According to the statement, Indus Highway (N-55) is 1,264 kilometres long that runs along the Indus River connecting Karachi with Kohat and Peshawar via D G Khan and DI Khan.

The highway being the second largest road connection after GT Road provides an alternate North-South link, while traversing 491 kilometres in Sindh, 360 kilometres in Punjab and 396 kilometres in KP, connecting Rajanpur, DG Khan, DI Khan, Bannu, Kohat and Peshawar, it said.

However, the highway is now facing difficulties in coping with the ever increasing traffic load, especially the heavy vehicles due to its limited capacity, which has resulted in shifting some of its traffic load to GT Road (N-5), causing frequent traffic jams, it added.

The dualisation of N-55 will provide safe, quick and more efficient movement of both passenger and commercial traffic, the statement said.

As per statement, the Tarar also informed the meeting that the proposed motorway between Yarik and Sagu carried an added significance, as it will eventually become part of the under construction western alignment of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) near Yarik.

It will cost around Rs 13 billion and provide an integral connection for the backward areas of southern KP by helping agriculture and industrial activities through quick and easy access to the markets, it said.
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