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Queen of charisma, decorum & spunk – Hajra Khan

“I am just being true to who I am. “

-Hajra Khan

Success is defined by the jobs you consent to, focusing on the quality of the job rather than quantity. The glamorous world of showbiz is no different. The quality matters rather than piling up your resume with roles that can jeopardize your whole career.

No one is more beautiful and attractive than a woman who is centralized on the essence of the work rather than hastily wading through the sands of time along with embracing her own individuality. One who is fearless and is a rebel throughout her life because she makes her own way. She makes her own decisions and owns them like a lady boss. Her own uniqueness is what makes her stand out of the crowd.


“You have to just be you in a good way.”

-Hajra Khan

Hajra Panezai Khan is a name not unknown to the people of our country. She has been making appearances not only in the dramas of our television but she is also making us all mesmerized by her beauty in the song videos as well. She wears her confidence as her cloak and that is why she wins the hearts of every person she encounters. Courageous, fearless and modest are the three words that can give you all an idea as to how this diva is in her personal life.

“Never apologize for who you are.”

-Hajra Khan


Hailing from the beautiful city of Quetta, Miss Khan belongs to a Pathan family and is the only one in the showbiz among her folks. She remembers her father as “educated, kind hearted and supportive of her aims.” She did her O-levels from The City School, Quetta before moving to Karachi for her A-levels. That is where she got her first modeling shoot For Nabila. Later on, she went to Ireland to graduate in B.B.A. She recalls spending the afternoons in Quetta recording songs and videos along with her cousins and friends. Not only is she a glamorous and talented star, she is a well-educated woman who believes firmly in acquiring the right education. She fathoms;

You are an educated person when you realize that education is important.”

-Hajra Khan

The famous Javed Fazil of Evernew Studios recognized the talent that Miss Khan possesses, and offered her a role in the popular drama, Buri Aurat. Javed Fazil spoke highly of her talents as;

“You are not just a heroine, you are an actress. Aim for the latter.”

Her debut performance in this drama paved the way for many other successful moments that awaited her.


Determined on challenging stereotypes, this brave lady is leading a rebellious life as she is battling hard against the unjust practices towards women, children and minorities in Pakistan.

“I want to change things.”

-Hajra Khan

After giving star struck performances in various dramas and videos, this gorgeous diva caught everyone’s eye in the music video for Moray Pia by the famed band, JAL the band. Her talk show, IN CONVERSATION WITH HAJRA KHAN gained immense popularity and was viewed by the audience with great zeal. After working for a few years, she moved to London for a “self-discovery journey” as she calls it. The two and a half years that she spent there, she utilized her time writing and acting. Her writing works are due to be presented internationally in after some time

“It was my second calling and I consider writing as life enlightening.”

-Hajra Khan

Mann Mayal
, the hit drama of 2015 marked as the great comeback by Miss Khan.

“Haseeb Hassan is one of my favorite directors and he is the reason I said yes to the tiny and much older role in Mann Mayal.”

She has a lot to say about the culture as well. She has always considered herself as the misfit as her mindset differs from everyone around her.

“Obsolete oppressed mindset is not culture. Arts, music, customs, attire etc is culture.”

-Hajra Khan

Our society is in a dire need of people like Miss Khan who believe in their values and do not at any cost compromise on their dignity. People like her are a symbol of distinctiveness and independence.


“It’s a tough industry but it’s not as bad as it is.”

-Hajra Khan

It is due to her talents that she is able to work with big names now. Her selective roles have made it clear that she is an actress that knows how to carry out roles in versatility. Her journey to aim for the sky have enabled her to work with people she once desired to perform with.

“I experiment I take risks.”

-Hajra Khan

Miss Khan has a respectful regard for all the people who have stood by her and believed in her on her comeback.

“Fahim Burney, Faseh Bari khan, Mazhar Moin and Abis Raza stood by me when I was being written off.”

-Hajra Khan

You all can catch this mesmerizing diva in her upcoming projects such as Faltu Larki, Khoobsoorat and Bekhudi and her on-air projects such as Parizaad. Bekhudi is set to start on November 9, 2016.

I wish Miss Khan a very bright future. Surely, with a caliber like that of hers, anyone can reach for the stars. The sky is the limit for her and she is proving it with her words, personality and actions.

Lush bachi hey yaar :flame:
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