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Pakistan should buy Patriot System

Patriot has HOT launch system.

HOT launch system provide good results (vs. Cold launch system), but it is possible for a missile to malfunction and explode during HOT launch process (rare but happens).

On 16-05-23, Russia subjected a Patriot battery stationed somewhere in Kyiv to a very complex and deadly airborne assault composed of drones, cruise missiles, ballistic missiles, and hypersonic missiles. The Patriot battery shot down a total of 17 hostile targets but one of the interceptors might have malfunctioned in a launcher during this extremely stressful attack situation. This explains the "minimum damage" revelation which is FIXED by the way. This is incredible level of performance - something that was not predicted even in brochures.

Do tell me if (any) terrestrial Air Defense System can withstand this type of airborne assault. Best of luck.

If this was S-400 or even S-500 (systems that I do not underestimate), it would be toast.
Mr Legend do you know that the PAC 3 missiles are hit to kill type one not some blast fragmentation one and also they carry HE but its little one that does not create an significant blast and BTW Nato would not even let ukrainians close to the patriot system let alone operate them

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