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Pakistan Made Firearms.


I would LOVE one of these HK clones !! The 'around the corner' thing ? Not so much. I've seen them built around a Glock pistol. It might be cool to fart around with but I don't think I'd trust my life to it.

The MP5 and G3 in Pakistan are made under license. :

The MP5 is manufactured under license in several nations including Greece (formerly at EBO – Hellenic Arms Industry, currently at EAS – Hellenic Defense Systems), Iran (Defense Industries Organization), Mexico (SEDENA), Pakistan (Pakistan Ordnance Factories), Saudi Arabia, Sudan (Military Industry Corporation), Turkey (MKEK), and the United Kingdom (initially at Royal Ordnance, later diverted to Heckler & Koch Great Britain).[9]
Can anybody tell me about Pakistani clones and their durability and reliability ? Saw a couple of pages on FB with cheap prices for Glock Clones.
It's about time someone posted a fresh price list for civilian-market handguns in our (Pakistani) market!

I have been searching google a lot lately on this, but found only old (latest were 2014) rates. I'd specifically like to learn about .30 handguns and .22 revolvers, if someone can be kind enough to update me on the availability and prices of all the models in our markets. Many thanks.
Well, I have a POF made MP5 clone, it's marketed as a Checz made weapon, but it's a POF product.

Am very happy with it, obtained it for the purpose of writing an article on SMG's & later on the MP5 as a family of weapons. In order to run it no mods are required, however.
So far all H&K parts and accessories do fit.

Am still looking for more parts to test on. Will be doing mods to it during the long term review.
But as I said, so far so good, works as advertised. Clearly not an original H&K, but neither was the price.

So all things considered, I'd recommend it to a budget minded buyer.
If anyone could guide me ,
What's the process of getting a license for a 9mm in Punjab or Islamabad nowadays
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