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Pakistan Cricket Legends

Iftikhar Ahmed, bottom left, is photoshopped here


Great little master Hanif. Waqar Hasan, Mahmood Hussain, Wazir Muhammad..
Gentlemen of Cricket-Pakistan Cricket Team in 1952 at Amritsar Railway Station. Which player(s) can you recognize?


I can recognize Waqar Hasan, Hanif Muhammad, Nazar Muhammad, Khan Muhammad and Imtiaz Ahmad.
Wasim Raja, Asif Masood, Garry Sobers and Intikhab Alam in 1985.


Tausif Ahmad in 1986


Cricketer Salim Malik in his youth in 1982

Imran Khan is one of the Greatest All Rounders to ever play this sport. He was a medium-fast bowler who became a fast bowler and then a middle-order batsman. His transformation was insane.

He scored his 1st 100 on his 30th test, 2nd on his 46th and 3rd on his 61st.In his final 28 tests, he scored 1,552 runs at 60 with 4 100s.

He just keep getting better with age in batting. While it's a pity that he injured himself on his bowling peak. Medium fast to fast and then Top 3 bowler of his time. A world class no 7 in batting with great bowling and then a specialist no 6 when he stopped bowling.

His last 50 tests were bonkers. Averaged 20 with the ball and 50 with the bat. Best 50 test stretch by any individual, ever. Played Windies to a standstill along the way. Won a Cup. Built a cancer hospital.His whole life deserves a study , a book ,and a film.

A insane Character and Cricketer, Imran Khan Niazi ...

May be a black-and-white image of 1 person and playing football

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