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Pakistan army will start getting Z-10MP attack helicopter from 2023

We need them in large numbers. And with time get them upgraded fast. Also it's time we produce helicopters in Pakistan.

I would like to see z10 And/or t129 in Pakistan army aviation. But the fact is Pakistan need to fix it's economy.
Yes we need to fix economy but T-129 is not coming due to engine issue not economy.
The army budget should be reduced by 50%, these mother fucking property mafia generals have ruined the economy by bringing in their daughter fucker shareefs and Zardari into power.
Next Yr under PTI Govt will be back to normal IA nothing to worry we will pull it out
Wrong - they were fully ready to be flown out but Pakistan never came up with the money once CSF was stopped by Trump.
Otherwise everything was in place
i was trolling him for "ZOLUs" you could not pick it.
Chinese mmw radar. Though an all out conflict isnt near, the world would want to see AH-64 Vs Z-10 scenario.
For what? just in time for 2023s pakistan day military parade?

We dont need such shiny weapons. First thing army should reform itself into an actual fighting force rather than a bunch of property dealer whimpies that cannot even wipe out terrorist from waziristan since last 20 years.
Don't call our Jawan shaheed whimps you stupid keyboard warrior.
If accurate, the Z-10ME is the PAA's heavy (in lieu of the AH-1Z). Still waiting on the decision on the light.
I guess we are still waiting for the turkish engine on the T129, the only other option is Z-19 but I don't think we have even considered it.
I love the army's spear head and backbone approach, the Z10MEs will be the spear head while the T129 or other smaller helicopter will be the backbone. :)
To be honest, I think Pakistan should stop buying so much new equipment and focus on developing the economy.

However, I wonder if there is a possibility that Pakistan received secret funding from Middle Eastern countries, who in fact acquired these weapons to circumvent US intervention. Pakistan is just a middleman.

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