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Ousted Prime Minister Imran Khan Arrested: News and Discussion

Is Martial Law/Emergency a real possibility after IK arrest?

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That time no tear gas or AK 47, still same ... 1971 Karachi ...
Same behavior ... No change

the quom enjoys getting its chitrol done.
How can you so openly lie and create deceptions like this? There is ample video evidence of their human rights abuses and their nefarious campaign to end Pakistan’s largest political party. They think people are stupid and foolish. If you want to know where the people of Pakistan stand, then hold free and fair elections and you will know where the people stand. They stand with PTI and that creates immense dread and panic in their hearts. Munafiqs will meet their end sooner or later.
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Currently, IK is way too much popular and the hate against army has become really big. If they sentence him by a military court and put him in jail, the whole world will condemn it and the hate against army will reach 71 East Pakistan levels inside Pakistan. The economy is already a mess and we might not even get any loans because of the political instability. We might end up defaulting as a result. The engineered elections will put these puppets in power but then again the instability will grow. Nobody will accept the elections without IK. Things will deteriorate further. If you add all these things together and to top it off kill IK too, we might have the kind of chaos that might never be controlled.
Martyrs of War/Conflicts
Im sure all of you have been watching the "Shaheed ko izzat do" propaganda on the TV. Since the Army cares so much about the martyrs, why don't they change the name of DHA to SHA (Shohada Housing Society) and give plots/houses to the widows and orphans?

Why don't they stop giving gross amounts of wealth to Generals and start distributing those things among the widows and orphans of the martyrs?
Can imran khan do any jalsa now ? He should come out do one that amount of people will surely pissoff alot of enemies.
The governance of Pakistan seems to be primarily focused on serving the military establishment. Political parties like PPP are given the opportunity to rule Sindh, while MQM is given the chance to have its share in Karachi and Hyderabad. Similarly, PMLN is given Punjab and KP, while Fazlu and ANP control KP. The military controls Baluchistan, AJK, and GB. This arrangement, with a few changes in leadership, has remained the same for the past 30 years. PTI [not IK] was disrupting this settlement.
But, extremely hard. We have open border in our neighboring countries and our location in quite diversified environment. If Pak establishment think about North Korean model, it not going to work, this increase more instability, because we are federation of 4 big cultures and two are martial race and have extreme germs of resistance.
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