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By now you know me. I can be harsh but never petty. I have had bruising fights with people and next day everything is cool. What happened had nothing to do with you. Indeed I left because I felt I might embarras you. I was guest. All that happened was clash of personalties give edge by the fact that the other person supports a complex. When somebody goes off to Lincoln Inn and talks of reading "his book" it immediatly rubs me. And after that it was all south. Pompous git is what we say in Yorkshire lingo. Your friend from York will know how we use that.

Just keep in mind. There is no India or Pakistan. Rich or poor. We are just friends and a elder I respect. Lot of bad news was coming out of India and everytime I thought of you. Take care.

I am hugely relieved. That was the most embarrassing thing going, and it felt awful that of all people, I had dragged someone like you into it. It is good to be forgiven; thank you. :-):-)

Welcome to the Forum. I am sure that it will return to its wonderful days of the recent past, especially if new members like you try to bring back the old ways.
Thank you for mentioning Indus Pakistan; for me, he has been among the half a dozen or so most important intellects on the forum, although horribly misunderstood by limited intellects and a subject of gratuitous abuse.
Thank you also for mentioning the high level of professional insight brought in by PanzerKiel with some humble supporting efforts from others; they were high points of the forum at the time. It is not clear if they will ever be repeated. Time and tide wait for no man.
Have fun, and flourish. Best wishes.

Thank you for your well wishes Sir.
Hey everyone, hope you all are doing fine.

I've been a silent reader of this forum for the past 5 years now. I am a CA student and currently live in Lahore but originally belong from Gilgit-Baltistan. As a kid, I always dreamt of one day becoming a part of PAF but due to some medical issues, I was unable to make it to the Airforce. I was always interested in History, Military, and Defense-related topics, and this forum has all i need to read.
My fav hobby is book reading. I enjoy long productive discussions and don't talk unless i have something useful to say. I enjoy reading @Indus Pakistan's replies and that long discussions between @PanzerKiel and @Joe Shearer are my fav. @El Sidd is my fav troller. I've been coming to this forum daily for the past 5 years so i know a lot of members.
I can speak Urdu, English, Shina(Native speaker), and a little bit Pashto.
This is all I can manage to write in my intro. I have been always bad at intros so ignore mine:P
Welcome to the forum. If you have friends who are not here also invite them here.
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