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New Airbus 320 added in PIA fleet - PTV News .

Rich or not, they are vital enough for govt to keep them alive. They are in sorry state due to decades long incompetence. Nothing to do with PTI.
PTI could have supported privatisation when in opposition. They didn't.
You mean when PMLn was giving Pakistan steel mills free to whoever buys PIA?
These organisations are a burden to state coffers, therefore need to be privatised, regardless of who tried it. PMLN or Mussaraf.

2nd Airbus A320 acquired by PIA arrives in Islamabad

October 23, 2021


The second airplane Airbus A320 recently acquired by the Pakistan International Airlines on lease landed at Islamabad International Airport today (Saturaday).
According to the PIA spokesperson, the plane arrived in Islamabad from France.
The A320 has been acquired on lease for six years which will formally be inducted in the PIA fleet in the next few days.
Earlier, the national flag carrier had also acquired similar plane on dry lease three weeks ago, which has already become part of the operation.
How much do I feel for PIA, Has no words, Spent my childhood on PIA, Back when it was an amazing airline.

InshaAllah, Allah will punish the corrupts and bring PIA back to it’s peak
Nawaz and Zardari gave all lucrative routes to Emirates, Turkish Airline, Etihad .... now we have only 11 planes ,,,, a nation of 22 crore has only 11 functional plane and thousands of employee in national airline. Thousands of Pakistani travel daily... What a corruption ... @Imran Khan sir ji ya kia mazak ha
Country have to have a functioning airlines and railway as a strategic troop lift / transport capacity. US govt support major US airlines with troop transport contracts during peace time across the country and also gives billions in bailout whenever needed. Indirectly they are owned by US govt.

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