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Nawaz Sharif still dumb as ever

Army is controlling every Aspect of Pakistan's judicial Political and Journalism, they are the real enemies and thugs who are running this country for themselves and their kin, Just like pigs play in their own shit, Pakistan army and its Generals every night have Drinking Parties where they harass each other's wives while drunk, typical Pig (Suwaar) behavior.
My advice to Pakistan:

3)Reputation of the country
6) Get ICBMS and launch satellites into space
7) Get five year economic planning from China
8) Get Anti-poverty reduction schemes from China
This fat shaitan was brought back to be hanged.

He is too dumb to understand or realise this.
Identify the real culprit behind this i.e. army and the ISI (Inter-soor Intelligence). They play with the country. If they want NS so bad why did they kick him out in the first place? First kick out then create a drama of arrival as a hero at a great cost to the country. Did they waste 5 years of this country?

Army is not even an organization. It is a personal kingdom of the chief. They cannot guarantee what will be the policy of the next chief who may repeat the same process again.
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Country has been hijacked since 1952 at least or earlier when Conspiracy was rigged against Mohammad Ali Jinnah and Fatima Jinnah to prevent them from remaining/coming to power

And of course more prominent case of Liaqat Ali Khan
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This is Mota Nawaja's real job but we all know who keeps making him Crime Minister and then
removing him.
They are short term thinkers giving his faction of the elite another go of it, in hopes of attracting FDI. It’s a gamble that foreigners will “invest”, but look out for terms of any deal made under nawaz. It will be one sided against Pakistan’s long term economic interests (such as sell Reko-Diq for Pennines on the dollar) or accepting India hegemony for cheap vegetables or not negotiating hard for a future tranche of CPEC loans, that conveniently has to be paid back just over 5 years from when the deals are signed. Leaving Pakistan in a worse state then it is even now.
Most of the elite treat Pakistan as a money milling machine, it is a commonly known fact.

The deep state might have their own reasons as to not to interefer, but their complete silence or lack of any action is puzzling.

The only way this makes sense is if they are planning to hang Nawaz Sharif by putting the blame of economic failure purely on the PMLN, and then repeat the PTI treatment with the PMLN and the PPPs.

There is no way a coward like Nawaz Sharif that didn't accompany his own mother's dead body would return just like that.

There is something else going on.

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