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Meet new assistant commissioner of Karachi’s North Nazimabad ~ Stylish Hazim Bangwar

Assistant commissioner of a city sounds very prestigious
does a person born in 93 (and is what? 30 years old) who completed courses in fashion designing and Law course have the right background for such a job?
is that not too young?
If I am not wrong, you need to have years of service before you can aspire to ascend to this level

Who is Hazim Bangwar, uber cool new assistant commissioner of Karachi’s North Nazimabad?​

Who could've thought a singer would become an Assistant Commissioner? It may sound like a rather unlikely situation but it's true that an uber cool, fashionable, gen-z figure is looking after the administrative affairs of Karachi's North Nazimabad area.

Hazim Bangwar, with his mixed ethnicities, is embarking on a journey to change the face of bureaucracy in Pakistan. The 30-year-old officer comes from a rich background with a mother of Iraqi descent and his father already having served as a deputy inspector general (DIG) in police. It is safe to say that Bangwar had no problem being awesome and authoritative. The New York-returned bureaucrat is excited to serve the Karachi neighbourhood.

Bangwar recently tweeted, "North Nazimabad, it’s a privilege to serve you as your new Assistant Commissioner."

Being utterly different from his peers, many people are eager to know more about Bangwar.


Born on December 30, 1993 in Karachi, Bangwar moved to New York where he attended Midwood High School. His mother, Feroze Akbar, an architect by profession, is from Iraq. His father, Ali Akbar Bangwar, has served as a DIG in Pakistan.

Bangwar moved to London for six years where he finished his first degree in Fashion Design & Marketing from AIU London and later a second degree LLB from University from London.


During his academic days in London, Bangwar spent his free time in the studios where his demos were heard by Evan Rogers and later shipped out to Interscope Records where Jay Brown, an A&R executive at the record label, was one of the first to hear the demo. After Jimmy Lovine, the CEO at Interscope Records, heard the demo and he signed a two-year deal with Bangwar.

In 2013, Hazim released his first mix tape under Interscope records “One Man Army” with the leading single 'Run Em’, which later served many artists, including Havana Brown.

Having written for artists such as Jessie J, Future, Ciara, Juelz, T-Pain, Jason Derulo and Nicki Minaj, Bangwar was offered a deal by Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr under Young Money Entertainment as a singer/songwriter.

In November 2019, Bangwar released his first single titled "Haram", which charted #5 in South Korea, #1 in Hungry, #2 in Egypt and #5 in India. This feat made Bangwar the first Pakistani singer to reach the international charts with an English song.

In February 2020, Bangwar released his second song "Hell Ya", which earned him a #1 spot in Ghana music charts, #2 in France, #1 in South Korea and #1 in Austria. In 2021, he released his first Urdu song "Tujhko Bhulaya."


The accomplished singer also attended major music awards in Hollywood.

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Upon his return to Pakistan, Bangwar qualified SPSC Examination and secured the spot as a PMS Officer. He is currently serving as the Assistant Commissioner of Karachi Central.


Stop promoting this faggot here.
Now we are gonna have to see LGBTQ+ shit on PDF.
We dont care of you like it up the butt, just keep that crap to your self.
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I was thinking why would a guy who would arguably be better suited to a nail parlour be attracted to a job with lots of men, handcuffs and dungeon cells...Oh shi
The rise of gaandus in Pakistan is severely concerning to me, and should be to all the citizens of the Islamic Republic

PTI should raise a commission to look into this, can't rely on the Patwaris clearly as he is celebrating it
There is rarely any Pakistani in STEM in US, don’t know about Canada or Europe.
A lot of our talent that goes to the US usually has social sciences background, business and economics background in particular.
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