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  • Hello prtikul, my post or my intention is neither to say that every religion needs a prophet nor is it to say Hinduism can convert other people. It was just to point out that if people so desire, they can even find a religious story that can incorporate all the things they want. As I already mentioned, it was going to be an interesting find to share with the Catholic Congregation thats going to happen here where people from all faiths come and talk. I will be talking about Eastern Religions and their encouragement to think without bounds about their GOD. So much that there are people who have incorporated Abrahamic religions into Hinduism and live peacefully while a slight mention of Pagan rituals or Idol worship or even cartoons of some prophets is enough to raise a battle cry for the Abrahamic religions. Hope that gives you the perspective of my views and posts.
    Silver I really appreciate your effort for finding co relation between all religions so everybody can leave in harmony but abrahamic and eastern religions are originated from different sources.
    I, as an atheist hindu completely fine with concept of multiple gods,no prophet and no single holy book. Concept about hinduism perfectly given in the post of Lady Gaga so we are completely fine with our religion, there is no need to call Sri Ram as a prophet but we believe he was was incarnation of God Vishnu(I am not indicating you are raising this issue but when co relation topic come for discussion then some members of abrahamic religions love to draw baseless conclusions about our religions in order to imply that prophet is must for every religion). So basically hinduism is not for conversion, its only way of life so it have no objection of visiting church or mosque.Only some fanatics which are obviously small in numbers are causing problems. We just like to preserve our religion and culture, and there is no opposition for theory of evolution as seen in abrahamic religions, we are not scared by collision between science and religion but just want to preserve our unique culture and religion for us.
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