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Khunjerab Railway Gilgit Connecting Pakistan With China and Chinese Industry With World Documentary


Feb 17, 2022
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Wonder why this isn't a priority to connect China and Pakistan ASAP and left to a 2030 completion date, it would definitely boost your ability to import/export at greater volume and lower costs, then again we still have to get ML-1 upgraded.
Good. Most Pakistanis see China favorably.

Pakistani expatriates in Middle East usually talk well of China.

First plane arrived in Tashkurgan Khunjerab airport in Chinese Pamir​

May 18, 2022 First plane arrived in Tashkurgan Khunjerab airport in Chinese Pamir, it is the highest airport in Xinjiang. In the future Pakistani friends can visit China in one to two hours from major cities in Pakistan.


China dispatches 200 tonnes onions for flood victims through the Khunjerab Pass from Xinjiang Tashkurgan Tajik county​

12th Sep, 2022. 08:19 pm


ISLAMABAD: China has dispatched 200 tonnes of onions through the Khunjerab Pass to assist people in flood-affected areas of Pakistan.

“200 tons of onions provided by China to aid Pakistan’s flood-affected areas have been transported to Pakistan through the Khunjerab Pass,” said the Chinese Embassy in a statement on Twitter.

“Hope this batch of supplies can help people in the affected areas to defeat the floods and resume normal life as soon as possible,” it added.

Trucks loaded with relief supplies, food, clothes, medicine... pass through Khunjerab Pass from Xinjiang

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