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JF-17 Thunder Multirole Fighter [Thread 7]

These are earlier versions however, issue seems to have been rectified.
Any indication a GCAS like system will be added to the JF-17, to mitigate GLOC and so they can fly nape of the earth flights for A2G missions?
PAC Block II JF-17A Thunder, carrying a Ra'ad-I Air Launched Cruise Missile, with a range of 600 kilometres. The Pakistani missile has been improved into the Ra'ad-Il, with a range of 800 kilometres (export variant is called Taimoor with MTCR 290 km range).
JF-17 Standoff Domination remains its biggest advantage to Pakistan Air Force. Thanks to PAC software team, JF-17 is now integrated with a potent standoff arsenal. All JF-17s have same integration unlike IAF which has limited Su-30MKIs modified for special weapons
Fully loaded JF-17 in Air Superiority loadout. SD-10A now deployed at every nook and corner of the country is PAF's main deterrent against enemy aggression. Less is known about capabilities of this missile but as per PAF pilots it can deter R-77, Astra Mk1 and Mica-RF threats.

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