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Jakarta 2022 and beyond

BLOK M, South Jakarta

This is old shopping areas, many restaurants, hotels, and it hosts largest central bus station in Jakarta.

2 large public parks in the heart of Jakarta

Monas (Nasional Monument)

GBK Sport Complex

This is one of the largest public parks in Jakarta

Buperta Cibubur, East Jakarta.

Every Saturday at 9 AM we can watch freely aerobatic plane

Or just riding bicycle

It has small lake as well

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Quite a beautiful city, wish we too had a relatively cleaner and organized city. But almost all the subcontinent cities are overcrowded and dirtier than the global average!
@Indos Can you kindly tell me about the public transport situation in Jakarta?

It is basically quite good. I would say we dont need to have a car or motorcycle in Jakarta. It is easier to use public transportation.

BRT Transjakarta


Commuter Line


MRT (First Phase-16 km)

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Where are the key economic regions in Indonesia?​

Indonesia province.png

Regional GDP

Gross domestic product (GDP) at market prices represents the final result of the production activity of resident producer units. Called Gross Regional Product (GRP) when applied to regions and Gross Provincial Product (GPP) when applied to provinces.

Indonesia’s regional economies

Given its archipelago nature, Indonesia’s economy is more diversified with the capital Jakarta accounting for less than 18% of total GDP. Jakarta and East Kalimantan are the two provinces with the highest GDP per capita.

Barat = West
Timur = East
Tengah = Central
Jawa = Java

25 roads in Jakarta will not be free anymore, there will be electronics road pricing system (ERP) to collect fee from the car owners. The reason of this measure is to push people using public transportation.

Rivers in Jakarta


Dont know all of of the rivers sources but at least one of the biggest rivers in Jakarta comes from Telaga Saat in Bogor, West Java. Bogor region is part of greater Jakarta region.

Telaga Saat, Bogor

Jakarta down town in the beginning of 2023. Less cloudy sky compared to 2021/2022 as on those years we faced El Nino (very wet year)


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