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612 new generation Indonesian made trains for replacement program (2023-2026)



Beside getting 612 train new order from PT KAI Commuter, PT INKA also get retrofit jobs for old trains

Under development program is HSR developed and made by Indonesian consortium that also involves PT INKA, one prototype is scheduled to be ready next year.

Propulsion is Hybrid = Diesel Engine + Battery.

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This is Indonesia’s first Hydrogen Fuel Cell powered Hybrid Train, operating in Madiun – East Java, Indonesia. Developed by PT Industri Kereta Api (INKA), the Hybrid Train has four energy sources – pantographs, diesel-electric, batteries and Hydrogen fuel cells.

The Hybrid Train is commissioned for Politeknik Negeri Madiun (PNM), a tertiary vocational institution specializing in the operation and maintenance of trains. Next generation skilled workforce needs to be well versed in future technologies like Hydrogen fuel cells, which may play a prominent role in decarbonizing diesel trains. Spectronik’s fuel cells contribute power to the traction motors as well as the auxiliary equipment on board the Hybrid Train.

PT INKA second factory started being built 4 years ago in Banyuwangi, East Java.


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Thanks to LRT, the number of KRL passengers increased by 35%​


Greater Jakarta Commuter Line (KRL)

Samuel Gading - detikFinance
Monday, 06 Nov 2023 17:35 WIB

Jakarta -

The volume or number of KRL Commuter Line passengers turned out to increase because of the connectivity of these modes of transportation with Jabodebek (Greater Jakarta) LRT. The increase increased by 12%-15% at a number of stations connected to the LRT. During peak hours, the number of passengers can even increase by 30% to 35%.

Vice President Corporate Secretary of KAI Commuter Anne Purba said that currently the number of KRL passengers at a number of stations has increased with the presence of Jabodebek LRT. Anne said that this was in line with her side's prediction.

"With the LRT, the number of KRL passengers has proven to be so active. This is in accordance with our prediction (LRT) to increase KRL passengers," said Anne, Monday (11/6/2023).

Based on Anne's records, the increase occurred at a number of stations connected to the LRT. One of them is Cawang Station which is connected to Cikoko LRT Station. The increase at the station ranged from 12%-15%.

The other station is Sudirman Station which is connected to the Dukuh Atas LRT Station. In the region, the increase in passengers can even reach 30% to 35% during peak hours. The number of passengers who usually reach 24 thousand people can increase to 30 thousand in one day.

"Connectivity between LRT to Sudirman, which is usually only 24 thousand, can be more than 30,000 servings in one day even during peak hours, we see the average increase by 30-35%," continued Anne.

In addition, to improve passenger convenience, Anne explained that her party has now also boosted the increase in train speed on a number of KRL tracks to reduce waiting times and time between facilities (headway). Among them is Bekasi, which currently reaches 80-90 km per hour. Ceper Rock, 80 km per hour. And Bogor, which will be 80 km per hour.

Modernization and revamping at a number of stations will also be carried out such as Manggarai Station. In the near future, Tanah Abang station will also be improved.

"Well, why do we want to speed up? (Because certainly) the waiting time that we focus on is smaller, then the headway (arrival distance between trains) must be smaller," she explained.


Greater Jakarta LRT

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KCI Assures Train Retrofit Won't Affect KRL Operation​


6 November 2023 22:38 WIB

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Corporate Secretary PT Kereta Commuter Indonesia (KCI) Anne Purba assured that KRL operations would not be affected by the retrofit or rejuvenation of 19 trainsets. According to Anne, the retrofit will be conducted in phases.

In its initial phase, 4 trainsets would be sent to be rejuvenated by PT Inka. Once the process is done the trainsets would be sent back for operations while 4 more trainsets would be sent to PT Inka until all 19 trainsets are retrofitted.

"[The process] has been calculated in accordance with the transport, facility, and infrastructure capabilities. The frequency [of KRL operation] won't be reduced," she said at the KCI office in Jakarta on Monday.

Last weekend, PT KCI and PT Inka inked an agreement to retrofit 19 trainsets in Madiun on Friday afternoon.

President Director of PT KCI Asdo Artriviyanto stated that this agreement will be conducted starting this year to 2026, with a budget of around Rp186.2 billion. According to Asdo, one trainset of KRL (with 12 train cars) will need Rp9.8 billion for rejuvenation. This number is around 50 percent cheaper than manufacturing a new KRL trainset.

After the re-work, KRL will be as good as new, with 19 years of functioning period. However, Asdo also said that it will depend on the maintenance. "[For KRL] it could function up to 30 years," he said.

Meanwhile, Chief of Operation PT Inka I Gede Agus Prayatna hoped that the company is able to finish the retrofit project for the 19 trainsets of KRL. "[We hope] it could be finalized on time and most importantly, prioritizing quality," he said.


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