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Iran joins club of countries developing ramjet-powered cruise missiles(supersonic speed)


Feb 10, 2022
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Iran, Islamic Republic Of
Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Iranian military scientists have obtained the technical capabilities to manufacture a new, highly advanced class of ramjet-powered cruise missiles, joining the club of countries in the world that have the technology to produce these missiles.​

The Islamic Republic of Iran possesses an entire arsenal of domestically-developed tactical, short, medium, and long-range ballistic and cruise missiles. Iran’s adversaries regularly prove the importance these weapons have in preserving regional strategic stability in the Persian Gulf.

The new missile said to be part of a new generation of Iranian naval cruise missiles, is reportedly undergoing testing, and will complicate enemy efforts to intercept Iranian retaliatory strikes in the event of conflict.

The missile employs a ramjet – an advanced, air-breathing engine that typically has no major moving parts, and which uses the projectile’s forward motion to suck in air for combustion to create thrust.

Up to now, only a handful of nations around the world including Russia, China, India, and the United States were known to possess ramjet technology, with the tech enabling a new class of hypersonic glide vehicles to accelerate to incredible speeds too great to be able to stop using any existing or prospective air or missile defense systems.

The employment of ramjet engines in the naval cruise missiles and the development of supersonic cruise missiles will greatly enhance Iran’s response power in case of any military conflict and prevent the invading forces from showing a timely reaction.

Just two months ago, Iran unveiled a new hypersonic missile known as the ‘Fattah’. Like scramjet tech, hypersonic missile technology is possessed by only a handful of countries, including Russia, China, and possibly North Korea.

Congratulation to Iranian scientists and engineers..:cheers:

4 years ago we saw the first photos of the prototype.


Iran Ranks 5th in the world on advanced aircraft engine technology
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