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initial test of ssg n in Pakistan navy through SSC

If regularized, the SS commissioned officer can go up as high as any regular commissioned officer. Some OTS (which was also an SSC scheme) officers made it to the General rank (Gen Khalid Mehmood Arif, VCoAS comes to mind among others.) There are quite a few others of the rank of Maj Gen as well.

In the old days the SSC was a scheme used to make up for the shortage of officers in the three services (and specifically in the Army). Over the years, the SSC scheme has been used to bring specialized educational backgrounds into the Services. Give them abbreviated training and then commission.
Sir can you please further guide me about navy's ssc and ssgn induction? I have a few questions regarding the selection process and the ssc itself and was wondering if you could help me.
can passouts from PMA kakul join SSG or ISI :enjoy:
SSGN recruits directly... unlike SSG Army... whose volunteers come from army and have to have atleast 2 years experience/service.

ISIs people come from all three services, Army,Airforce,Navy and civilians.
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