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Jul 25, 2013
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Bar to World Record | 209kg | Rahmat Abdullah​

Indonesian junior badminton player, Chiara (18 years old, 176 cm), defeated world junior champion from Japan, Tomoka Miyazaki (17 years old, 165 cm) in 2023 World Junior Championship, USA.

Chiara won again in Semi final against Chinese player.

She is quite potential player and hopefully could keep growing her capability and stamina.
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Indonesian University Students Basketball Competition should be held in Indonesia Arena, Jakarta. Basically it is good to increase the enthusiasm, I dont know why they still play in old basketball stadium until now, more money should be injected by government to enable them play in world class basketball stadium.

Indonesia Arena in Jakarta hosted FIBA 2023 World Cup

Absolute Thriller in Jakarta as Brazil Beat Canada | J9 Highlights | FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023​

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Indonesian motor sport communities racing inside Mandalika circuit in Lombok Island.

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Sport Complex in Jakarta

GBK sport complex, Central Jakarta

Jakarta International Stadium, North Jakarta

Indonesian Martial Art,


Tarung Drajat

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Indonesian volleyball player in South Korea league

Jakarta basketball team, men/women and 5o5 and 3on3, are all eligible to play in Nationwide Sport Event (PON) held in Sumatra in 2024. The event is held every 4 years to determine which province is the best for sport. For basketball, only under 23 years old players who can play.

Jakarta official team and some players.


Indonesian player, Fachri Septian Pratama (White Costume, number 10) performance in Bulgaria League

Indonesian naturalized player, Marquest Bolden, during his game with Milwauke Bucks in NBA.

Marquest Bolden with Indonesian team against Syria

Beating South Korean league champion

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Look like our player becomes a star in South Korea. Beside North East Asian, South East Asian women players are among the best in Asia for volley ball. In previous Asian Games in China, two North East Asian teams meet, while in Semifinal two SEA team were competing.


Indonesian high school won in Summer Camp competition in Chicago USA in 2023. One of the Indonesia players who are still 16 years old (number 15) has also got scholarship to study in US high school in Chicago. She has started studying in US from October 2023.

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