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India's Cuisine Ranked Fifth In The List Of Best Cuisines Of The World

My top cuisine 'regions':

1. South Asia (India > Pak > BD > Lanka)
2. South East Asia (Thai > Vietnamese)
3. East Asia (China > Korean > Japan)
4. Middle Eastern (Turkish > Greek > Arabic)
5. Others (Mexican > Italian > American Junk)
what makes you think all Indian food is veggie based ?

its vast and varied, beyond all comprehension for some people.
Hindus are the majority of India and they are vegetarians in general.
Vast majority(95%) of what the world eats as "Indian Food" is Pakistani food made by Pakistan's or Bangladeshi's ..... it is a case of cultural appropriation by Indian's of Pakistan Food culture .......

How many beef curries / beef bhuna / beef gosht / ground beef curry / chappli kebabs / seekh kebabas / nihari / haleem / aloo gosht / lamb ghost... does one find in India that native indians eat ? Dont get me started on all the Chicken variants or fish.. These are ALL the dishes that people go to restuarants to eat in the west ... How many people go to a restuarant in the west to eat channa curry or paneer curry ??????????????

I could go on - but y'all get the picture.
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For some reason Pakistanis always think India is a veg majority country 😅. Even in some videos I have seen people use that to differentiate with Indian cuisine, the only logical difference might be in number of beef dishes but considering number of muslims, Christians, unorthodox hindus here I'm not even sure on that aspect.

Are these dishes judged from an American perspective?
We can't get a Chinese perspective when a lot of the dishes have milk init and most Chinese are lactose intolerant.

How many beef curries
If you want to blame cultural appropriation, at least leave out the name Curries from it. :lol: Curries originated in South India where a lot of herbs, peppers etc... comes from.
Most of these surveys are done with a bias and a motive. They have no scientific basis and survey size is so small that final result is mostly biased.

Food choice is region based and some of them have permeated across the cultural lines due to their appeal. No one forced anyone to have a food from another part of the world.

Some of them have been modified to suit the local pallets.
Domino’s now sells Paneer Tikka Pizza and others too do the same.

A lot of Chinese food sold in India is completely different from what Chinese would themselves eat. I find authentic Chinese food sold in China to be too bland to my taste. I am sure Chinese themselves love it.

Food from Asian subcontinent and East Asia is definitely most flavourful and with variety. That’s why it has entered the kitchens across the world.

People calling Indian food bad don’t know about what Indian food consists of. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari and from Arunachal to Gujrat, the kind of food eaten is so varied that only an ignorant fool would call the entire cuisine within a region so vast and varied, bad.

Top comment, Indian/Pakistani/bangali food is definitely the best. In the UK its not even the same quality as back home but people go crazy over it. The amount of variety in the food is also a plus.
the fact that usa is at number 8 with its junk food tells a lot about this list lol
When people hear indian food, they usually think of mughal cuisin which is muslim indian food.

Nobody wants to go to a indian resturant to eat vegetables, thats awefully boring.
Most of Indian dishes are mughal heritage in India
No they aren't. Read my post in the same thread.

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