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Indian Army-IAF massive drill along western borders for deployment of special forces behind enemy lines

Bro really thinks Indian Armoured Forces just gonna roll over Canals like that without any resistance.
You realize Pakistan despite having enormous problem still has a very strong Military and your conventional might isn't enough to overwhelm us.

Even the Indian Govt is also trolling us too...At this juncture, more than Pakistan, it is China who is encroaching on our borders. Technically, India should aim for protecting the border with China rather than targeting the Indo-Pak border. If I believe, everything that is shared in PDF, it seems like India and Pakistan has a normal working relationship between the armies where no one would like to try any unnecessary adventure with each other.
The bottom photo, what war/battle is it from?
Kamalpur, '71
Prove your points on technical terms
While accessing classified data of sensitive Indian strategic assets has been proven to be quite easy, doing the same with American assets will be a bit more difficult.

Till then, It's safe to assume America is ahead of India, don't you think? :-)
Lol no, you snatched that piece of land from the Army of Maharaja Hari Singh not the Indian Armed Forces. Else your lashkars were as inside as Budgam and our forces were able to push them back till as far as the then cease-fire line.
Date of entry of Indian Army into Kashmir: 27 October 1947

Date of Surrender of Skardu: August 1948.
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The blunders committed in the prosecution of the India-Pakistan war over Kashmir in 1947-48 — notable is the reference to the United Nations by Jawaharlal Nehru at the time when India was gaining momentum in the war. Poonch had been secured. Pakistani forces had been chased away from the outskirts of Leh, and Kargil had been won back. India only needed a last push to capture Skardu back and take Muzaffarabad and Mirpur. History would also tell you that Jammu and Kashmir was also the only princely state that was not under the charge of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. In December 1947, J&K was removed from the State Department under Patel and moved under the PM. Gopalaswamy Aiyangar, a minister without portfolio, was made in-charge. This led to Patel resigning from the Cabinet.
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This Bagdam article is based entirely off Indian sources, and it still makes further pro-Indian claims not even mentioned in the already biased Indian sources.

What actually happened at Bagdam was your air force carpet bombing a bunch of chappal wearing tribals, who still wiped out the entire Indian Army unit on the ground.

These fantasies of "We could've done this and that" mean nothing. Pakistan "could've" trampled over Delhi in 1962, accepted Afghanistan's offer to accede to Pakistan, and re establish the caliphate. But none of these fantasies happened. Stick to reality.
I can underst that This is just exercise, but inserting troops at back was ww2 tectic when information was limited.
Now drones and radars r too common/cheap.

All I see is these soldiers would be ease picking by any1 who tracks them in the air.
No capable army would even let them land. This is only good in mountains where they could hide but still I see huge casualties.

I just cant see any scenario where Rockets or carpet bombing can't work. But needs soldiers life to be wasted behind enemy lines.

All the blowing up these soldiers will do can be done by Drones.
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