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Imran Khan wanted to rule for life, claims Pervez Khattak

Dude commits blasphemy and accuses me of a crime.

Dude's so stupid he decides the loans equaling more than those in 3 years shouldn't even be considered.

Stupidity so unquestionable he can't even recall the last time his mouth was free of the balls of Billo or Shehzadi.

Dude living in a shithole with nothing to show for his life is accusing others of wasting their lives.

The amount of begarati is the REASON for the condition of Pakistan.

BC. Shakal dekho. How many slaps have you eaten in your life with nothing to show?
Stop watching adil raja and haqeeqat tv

Didn’t a special someone break the IMF deal before being thrown out?
Most of the increase in rupee value is due to rupee depreciation genius, PDM was freaking bentover backwards asking IMF for a new deal, that to a shit one causing the current predicament we are in today.

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