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How realistic is the forecast that Pakistan will be world’s sixth-largest economy by 2075?

Pakistan population by the end of this century will be close to 500 million people.

This is a real concern and we need to find a solution to this. Pakistan is not a atheist state like China so we can't implement a "one child policy". Forget "one child policy" we can't even have 2 or 3 child policy.

The mullahs will be going crazy saying that "family planning" is haram and lots of children is a blessing from Allah.

Education and women empowerment will likely bring down Pakistan fertility rate naturally. Indonesia is now having natural fertility rate of 2.1 which is very healthy. We dont have enforce family planning program and for the last 20 years I dont see this is part of Indonesian government planning. The family planning program in Indonesia is only introduced during Soeharto regime.
Exploiting resources to circulate money is not akin to prosperity. Sustainability is the premise for prosperity.

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