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Honoring our Martyrs


June 24, 2018: Sep Niaz Ali embraced Shahadat due to fire from across on fencing party in North Waziristan. We shall IA complete fencing undeterred..
ہم تو مٹ جائیں گے اے ارض وطن لیکن

تم کو زندہ رہنا ہے قیامت کی سحر ہونے تک ۔

Salute to those martyrs who gave the ultimate sacrifice in the defense of their land.
Will October 7, the 20th anniversary of the start of the war, get marked this year, as a black day, to remember all those lost since the NATO war began in Afghanistan? Also a “Never Forget” moment for all the civilians and soldiers lost in this conflict.
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Today is October 7th, the 20th anniversary of the Afghan war (or as the Afghans would call it; the American war), but considering how many people’s lives and how many countries that were destroyed shouldn’t it be considered a world war. :undecided:
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A fatal shooting occurred in Shah Wali Market, Inayat Kalay Bazar, district Bajaur, claiming the life of police jawan Wali Khan, son of Faqir.



3:07 AM · Jun 5, 2024
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