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Gaza-Israel Conflict | October 2023

Pictures of the seizure of an Israeli commercial ship by Yemen's Ansarullah








I said there was no military conventional solution to hamas 2-3 years ago in regards to israel because it is all about scale. All tho being none-state actors they are above the threeshold of being undone conventionally. they have nearly destroyed 1000 tanks. I stand correct. I also highlighted that with stargetic weapons yes they can be undone but not conventionally by equal population scale smaller countries with low population
The Galaxy Leader flying under the flag of the Bahamas supposedly headed to India and no Israelis on board.

It doesn't matter whose flag that hijacked cargo ship was carrying or who was the eventual owner. A 'message' has been conveyed to the world but especially to Israel. The Yemenis can do a lot of damage in that region and are far deadlier than Hamas if they were given proximity to Israel. I heard they even offered the capital city of Sanaa to Saudi Arabia if the Yemenis are allowed proximity to Israel. Ulike Hezbollah, the Yemenis are not going to calibrate their escalation given a chance--they will rain hell on Israel!!

What a safe country to live in, the only democracy in the middle east!
You are all more safe in Turkey or Iran than the whole region, even some U.S states/cities
Believe me: Afghanistan is far safer than Israel right now and for the foreseeable future. Afghanistan is finally at peace after August 2021 American withdrawal from Afghanistan. I say that despite not being a fan of the Taliban due to their repressive policies but I know it is for Afghans to decide on who to rule them. I wish them well.

Economy suffers and reserve troops are useless for this kind of war.
Scott Ritter, who had had been to Israel and worked with them on security matters, said the IDF Reserves are barely trained and that it is the Israeli elite/real forces of 50-60k who are the real soldiers.

The memes about this Israeli military spokesman are indeed hilarious!! Keep them coming!
This thread has gone to sh*t. Hijacked by hamAss supporters who are sitting in their little immigrant apartments in Canada, USA, UK living like second class citizens and being good boys paying taxes to EU who are funding Isreal.all this tough talk yet when tax collector comes around they happily pay up for isreal hahah 🤣
Need to be sent to Gaza to face the isreal retaliation which their beloved hamAss caused.
Lets see how strong your support for hamAss is when your loved ones get bombed.
Clowns 🤡
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I do understand the concept of sacrificing at any cost for the greater good, that's what soldier do. You raise your hand and ready to lay down your life on the line. That's what we all do, people put their life on other, in return, you do the same, you are ready to die for the person next to you, because you know he or she will do the same, that's how military work.

But that's not the sacrifice we're talking about here, ma bro. And this is exactly what I was saying about the indoctrination of strong military disciplines and values that teach you that type of sacrifice you must make as a true soldier. To die for the man next to you or to take the grenade to save your squad. Yes, sure, that's very admirable and is also rare since there is probably more cowardice out there than what is perceived. Hollywood helps that perception as well.

But we're talking about a different kind of sacrifice. We're talking about throwing the entire towel in. Anything and everything goes, including all the people if it must come down to that (as harsh as that sounds, it's the ground reality here) and why is that? Because of those 5 words: what is left to do? This is the train of thought here and listen, it's totally understandable that it's not a common way of thinking because what's the sense in that, right? Why destory yourself and everything and everyone around you for what? It's because the alternative is worst. To live in an undignified manner where you're not even allowed to have your identity is worse for many people and should be for all. The problem with that is then it gets branded as a form terrorism. But that's another story.

The issue I have is more on a strategic level,

And that's what I said, didn't I? I was telling @YoucefZighoud that with your military background and its associated training, your line of thinking is strictly in strategic context, and that the concept of total sacrifice wouldn't make any sense and that's completely understandable.

because this has changed the Israeli-Palestinian dynamic but not in a good way, and even the world did pile pressure on Israeli and they stop tomorrow, the suffering and the damage has already done, it's not going to recover in years may even be in decade.

Doesn't matter. It still needs to be done.

And if you ask me personally, I would tell you this is excessive reaction from the Israeli, it should have a green corridor and leave people alone as much as they can, which they aren't doing, but then at the same time, if I am a upper echelon in IDF, I understand in military term they need to feel the boundary, and there are only one way they can do it, and you probably not going like what I have to say.

No, say it, man. Are you talking about scorched earth tactics? Or pretty much what they're doing now bombing the living daylights out of everything but not finding that boundary? Or ala Fallujah Operation Phantom Furry? COIN style? Or Vietnam napalm runs? lol. Either way, the world is watching.

Regardless I don't see an end game for either side. And that's the sad part, because people are dying and I have an increasing feeling of this is just going to be one of those time when everyone on the outside will just forget about it a few month down the road and then forget about it even happen, I mean Russian bombing Ukraine during the winter is a perfect example, we all say "Wow, that's inhumane" and then 3 months later it's as if nothing had happened. Which make it just sad. I too hope there are something come out of this afterward, I truly do, but all in all, this is just senseless killing and dying for me, as I said, maybe I am an outsider, so I don't feel the same way people around it feels? I don't know.

That's it right there. Being an outsider will certainly make it difficult to understand. Even some insiders still don't get it because they're thinking on emotions or don't really understand all the linear events in the historical order that they occurred in order to reach this point.
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