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Former Spymaster Faiz Hameed Under House Arrest, Claims Asad Toor

Imran Khan rhetoric wasn't just limited to regime shift, now was it?!
You mentioned that it was against military (for regime change) - which I highlighted was not a rhetoric and is a widely accepted and even acknowledged fact.
You mentioned it was against the courts which I debunked and clarified the rhetoric has actually been from PDM.

No one cares about that chick, heh! Also:
She was an example. Overall, the entire PDM has been taking aim at the courts. From PPP to Fazlu to Shehbaz.

Do we know that for a fact?
Who will establish this 'fact' the way you want it to be established? Police (who is controlled by PDM and subservient to the establishment) and the intelligence, who stands accused.

A guy was picked up without warrants, taken to prison and then without any orders, was released from prison where he was picked up by unknown person who knew exactly when we was going to be released. All this happens when a crackdown on pro-PTI and neutral journalists is happening by the police and intelligence. Even HRW has said this is a classic case of enforced disappearance.

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