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Finnish army to receive new sniper rifle


Apr 28, 2011
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Finnish army to receive new sniper rifle​

ByColton Jones

Feb 21, 2023
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SAKO, a Beretta subsidiary, has announced that the Finnish Defence Forces will purchase TRG M10 precision rifle systems, their spare parts and sniper equipment.

As noted by the company, the TRG M10 is a bolt-action, magazine-fed precision rifle equipped with a magnifying optical sight. Combined with the high-performance 8.6 x 70 mm precision cartridge, it allows snipers to hit a variety of targets at ranges exceeding 1,400 metres.

The rifle systems also include an interchangeable set of calibers, which allows training with the same cartridges as the M23 rifle system, which has been developed in collaboration with Sako.

The new sniper rifle system and the sniper equipment to be purchased with it: (spotting scopes, laser range finders and shooting rests) will increase the operating possibilities for snipers and the accuracy and range of their fire. The new precision rifles will build a sniper capability suitable for multiple forces.

The price of the acquisition, including VAT, will be approximately €11 million ($11,7 million).

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