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Estonian Defence Forces to acquire TRG M10 8.6mm sniper rifles from Finnish company Sako


Apr 28, 2011
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The Estonian Centre for Defence Investments (ECDI) has entered into a contract with Sako Ltd. for the acquisition of new 8.6mm sniper rifles for the Estonian Defence Forces and Defence League. The upgraded rifles offer enhanced accuracy and stability compared to their predecessors. The framework agreement spans seven years and is valued at €40 million.
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Sako TRG M10 8.6 sniper rifle. (Picture source Sako)

Ramil Lipp, Armament Category Manager of the ECDI, highlighted the Sako TRG M10's global reputation, noting its adoption by neighbouring countries, including Sweden. The new rifles are more ergonomic, lighter, and precise than the previously used Sako TRG 42 8.6mm sniper rifles.

Key features of the new TRG M10 sniper rifle include a suppressor, optical and thermal sights, ensuring effective operation in various weather and lighting conditions. The modular design offers users flexibility in assembling the weapon system, capable of long-range shots up to 1,500 meters.

Major Risto Pärtel, the Chief Armorer of the Defence Forces, emphasized the importance of high accuracy, durability, and compactness in sniper rifles, which the new rifles deliver along with advanced accessories.

Sako Ltd.'s General Manager, Juha Alhonoja, expressed gratitude for the trust placed in their product, while Juuso Austin, Director of Defence & LE Business Unit, highlighted the significance of the contract in strengthening ties with Estonia.

The procurement process saw five proposals in the final round, with Sako Ltd. ultimately providing the best solution. The initial order includes approximately 70 rifles, to be supplied to the 1st and 2nd Infantry Brigades of the Estonian Defence Forces and the Defence League. Deliveries are expected to begin in 2024.

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