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Failures of Asim Mumier and General Anajam Nadeem: A Devastating Impact on Pakistan's Government System

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Sep 20, 2015
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Failures of Asim Mumier and General Anajam Nadeem: A Devastating Impact on Pakistan's Government System

The alleged failures of General Asim Mumier and spy master General Anajam Nadeem reportedly had a catastrophic impact on Pakistan's government system. This article aims to shed light on the alleged failures that have led to the destruction of the system since their assumption of power, with a particular focus on the regime change operation, attacks on the ex-Prime Minister, unconstitutional laws, terrorism resurgence, leaked official documents, and the security of the President.

Failure #1: Inability to Prevent Regime Change Operation:
One of the major allegations against ISI Chief is his alleged failure to prevent a regime change operation orchestrated by the Biden administration. Despite his positions of power within the premier Pakistani intelligence agency, he was unable to stop the operation, and there are even claims that he may have aided the American administration in removing the Pakistani Prime Minister. This failure raises serious concerns about their effectiveness and loyalty to the country.

Failure #2: Inability to Prevent Attacks on Ex-Prime Minister:
Another failure attributed to Asim Mumier and General Anajam Nadeem is their alleged inability to prevent an attack on the ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan. The fact that the attack occurred in broad daylight indicates a significant lapse in security measures. Furthermore, accusations have been made against them, suggesting their involvement in the attack and undermining public trust in their ability to protect key political figures.

Failure #3: Implementation of Unconstitutional Laws Without President's Knowledge:
The President of Pakistan has openly stated that his staff and officers implemented unconstitutional laws without his knowledge or consent. This revelation raises serious questions about the effectiveness and integrity of the government system. It undermines the democratic principles and governance structure of the country, casting doubt on the transparency and accountability of those in power.

Failure #4: Resurgence of Terrorism:
There have been reports of a resurgence of terrorism in Pakistan, with numerous attacks on Pakistani civilians and Chinese engineers. The failure to effectively address and prevent such acts of violence poses a significant threat to national security and stability. This failure further highlights the alleged incompetence and inadequacy of Asim Mumier, General Anajam Nadeem, The ISI Chief in maintaining law and order.

Failure #5: Leaked Official Documents:
The alleged leaking of official documents by military officers to an American magazine, compromising sensitive information, is another failure attributed to the intelligence agencies. Such a breach not only damages Pakistan's national security but also raises questions about the competency and loyalty of those entrusted with safeguarding classified information.

The reported failures of Asim Mumier, General Anajam Nadeem, The ISI Chief have had a devastating impact on Pakistan's government system. The inability to prevent regime change operations, protect key political figures, uphold constitutional laws, address terrorism, and secure sensitive information undermines the stability, trust, and functioning of the government. It is crucial for a thorough investigation to be conducted to ascertain the veracity of these allegations and take appropriate actions to restore confidence in Pakistan's governance.
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Their failure is not "preventing" regime change operation. Their actual failure is their incompetence to cover their tracks. Its the most documented regime change ever. The whole world understands how General Bajwa literally took off his pants in front of a small US pressure. Once people start to reveal what happened, GHQ went nuts. They murdered Arshad Shareef for exposing them, They abducted 1000s more and murdered many to cover their tracks.

We should be thankful to Donald Lu and Amb Asad Majeed to reveal how US was pressuring Pakistani state. Regime change would have done anyways as it was not the first messaging from US. They were sending series of messages. It was no secret US was already angry on Imran khan's no drone policy, his invitation to China on OIC, China become facilitator bw Iran and KSA in islamabad, and finally IK's russia's trade ambitions. GHQ poured money and sensorship to drive the narrative that cipher didn't exist, the Lifafa journalists with ZERO integrity daily used to say Cipher is nothing, its fake and they all shamelessly now saying who leaked it without first condemning themselves that Imran khan was truthful all along.
A comparison between principle Secretary Marwan to third Kalifa Uman and President of Pakistan's principle secretary. Marwan's Unauthorized signature brought disasters in Islamic history and those disasters are still hurting Muslim world. Now staff secretary of Pakistan brought unbearable misery to 250 millions
Its not a failure when damage is done intentionally.
When they use subversive means against judiciary, they are destroying the judiciary.
When they use those means against the president, they are undermining the whole system even if the president is partisan and dispensable.
They habitually do it against governments and parliament rendering them useless.

Army leadership doesn't seem to understand the implications of sabotaging the state institutions. Their own power comes from the state, if everything in the state is gone then army will also eventually lose all control.
This is very dangerous for the future of the people and the numbness of army is mind boggling.
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Failure #1: Inability to Prevent Regime Change Operation:
One of the major allegations against ISI Chief is his alleged failure to prevent a regime change operation orchestrated by the Biden administration. Despite his positions of power within the premier Pakistani intelligence agency,

They were behind the regime change rather, the local facilitators and planners. Without DG ISI and COAS backing of the regime change, it would not be a success.

They failed to look beyond it and the economic devastation that resulted in.

And failed to do it by not spilling the beans, everyone knows how it was done, planned and who were the big players.

For these honchos it was a success, for the country it was a devastating failure.
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My line of thinking is different,

Be it Yehia, or these fools.

How is it, that an institution like Army, allows them to survive and climb the ladder ?
Because the decision made by chief is fully supported by all corps commanders
Sad reality. Command n control is total fucked by corrupt gernerals
It's fully controlled

Numerous interviews by previous generals how anyone who isn't loyal to family never makes it up beyond brig. Level

The best are kicked out of army

Hence why we always see the worse and most duffer military generals in army

In navy and airforce you may reach the top but not the army it self
Army Officers / ISI no matter what they do are now hated by people, whether they stay quiet or talk loud, Army/ISI is hated by Pakistanis, where as Air force and Navy are so much more loved.
they are hated because of their own doings.
and there isnt much warmth towards airforce or navy as well, however, there is a general distrust with these forces as their top cadres are amassing wealth with velocity while the general populace of Pakistan is reeling with inflation.

while the general citizen is struggling to find his next meal, the top cadres seem to be thinking about their next foriegn trip, DHA house, kids foriegn school etc.

I would have gladly parted with my money for them had they won kashmir, broken Afghanistan and in general created a dread in the enemies hearts, as of now even TTP thugs have created ruckus deep inside Pakistan and our folks are busy with vigos, blackmaialing with videos etc. what a shame!
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