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Ex-US ambassador in Islamabad dated Pakistani journalist Muna Habib, who now works for NED funded Naya Daur


Mar 15, 2023
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Well well well…Raza Rumi the NED rat as a lot to say for himself.

Additionally, the FBI probed his involvement in arranging for a Pakistani American businessman, Imaad Zuberi, to pay $25,000 in tuition bills for Muna Habib, enabling her to attend the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.

She now works for the NED funded Naya Daur owned by NED rat Raza Rumi and life long Jahilya Nadeem F Paracha.

Yes, Raza Rumi is on the National Endowment for Democracy payroll (also known as the second CIA) and have been notorious for orchestrating regime changes around the world.

Here is Raza Rumi’s profile on NED.

No surprise, the hoor opposed Imran Khan.

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Americans just being Americans.
Olson, Zuberi, Habib were all exposed by U.S. prosecutors, tried and convicted if crimes have been committed. In Pakistan, a similar case would be hidden under a rug or in case someone proves too embarrassing, disappeared. Nobody expects an impartial investigation, trial and sentencing. Nobody, not the government, not the courts, not the citizens. A completely zero trust conglomerate. I think a nation of imperfect humans is better than a non-nation of imperfect non-citizens (some of whom border on non-humans).
Pakistan is a nation where God decided to gather all the bad apples of the entire planet. Nothing good ever comes from this wretched soil.

This soil has seen human activity since the end of the last ice age. Dentistry was literally invented in Mehrgarh, the wheel, the world’s first farmers, the first grided cities and those are just off the top of my head.

This soil is rich. This land literally has everything to flourish.

The bad apples are a recent phenomenon.

She worked at Naya Daur too?

Isn't our current information minister, the serial harraser, also a co founder of Naya Daur?

What convoluted orgy is this?

But on a serious note, if the CIA or someone was running an op, they wouldn't be doing it directly with funds tying the ambassador in all of this. Also ambassadors come and go, so no point in having the ambassador cultivate an asset. Just my reading of the whole thing.

This was probably the ambassador's hormones doing the talking here and he got caught.
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