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Egyptian policeman kills 3 IDF soldiers in border shootings; is shot dead

Aren't you an Arab jew? Just accept being arabized. You won't have a choice anyway, according to our brother @AnArabianChocolateHorse .


Chill bro, he's not talking about Egyptians. And I've seen him attack Iranian govt plenty of times.

The process is going ahead full steam, no one can stop the train of Arabization.
Unfortunately this is what happens when young indoctrinated kids in the Israeli army are told that we are at "peace" with Egypt. This has to change.

Make no mistake, Egypt is an enemy state. A smuggler, or a Sinai Bedouin or an Egyptian soldier - they're all the same. All Arabs are a threat. The Arab is the eternal threat and each one even within the vicinity of Israeli soldiers needs to be liquidated on the spot.

The reason he was able to kill three is because the IDF thought they were dealing with smugglers/terrorists and not an Egyptian policeman/soldier in uniform.

This is a harsh reality check for Israelis who think Egypt or Jordan are countries that Israel has "peace with". The Arab can never be satiated, he thirsts for other people's land like no other. He is the enemy whether in uniform or not. Hopefully Israel will now change their rules of engagement on the border with Egypt which is what is being discussed now.

Had I been on the border, the Islamist savage would have been dead as soon as he came into sight through binoculars, never mind through the naked eye.
The checkpoint door was open
Israeli borderguard are notorious for drug smuggling and arms trafficing
Egyarmyspox said there was a smuggling OP
Netanyahu admitted there was a smuggling op
smugglers are no where to be seen
Unless the IDF troops were the smugglers or had ties with smugglers
Finally some good news.😍
May Allah forgive the sins of the Egyptian martyer and give him a place in Jannah. Ameen

The smuggling operation which was halted by the IDF happened many hours earlier.
It is your terrorist soldiers and Bedouin tramps that are behind the drug smuggling and people smuggling because your country is a corrupt sh*thole and you leave it up to Israel to enforce laws and do the dirty work.

Your scum terrorist policeman passed through a section of the gate designed for coordination between IDF and Egyptian side. That's why he was able to get through easily and was also carrying a terrorist manual, which I believe some refer to as the 'Koran'.

Your country now admits he was a terrorist and nothing to do with smugglers.

And yes, we know the terrorist state of Egypt was celebrating the attack.

Insha'allah Israel hit back. Bide their time. There will be opportunities in the future for a 'mistake' in which Egyptian soldiers are liquidated.
I can see the pain in a Zio's heart. It makes me happy. Insha Allah a day will come in the near future all zionist filth will be wiped clean from the face of this earth. No stone, no building, no tree will protect a zio.
As usual the Arabs are brain-dead and make up a conspiracy about Israel helping drug smugglers.

I will tell you what truly happened, in fact I have a friend that is an officer in the exact same unit involved, he was there at that time.

First of all, the drug smugglers are all Egyptians and Egypt doesn't do anything to stop them, it's always Israel that does.

Second of all, to debunk this stupid theory, the Egyptian terrorist brought a Quran with him, indicating an Islamic motive for terror, and entered through a gap in the Israeli border fence, into Israeli territory, by feet.

Third of all, this is a low quality unit called Bardelas (Cheetah) with both female and male soldiers, they are given very basic training and they have to guard the Egyptian border, which is a very low intensity border other than some occasional sand monkeys dealing drugs.

The terrorist arrived by night time, surprised a female and a male Israeli soldiers from close range, they didn't have time to react and he killed them.

A few hours later (which is a very long time, an unacceptably long time) an officer came to check what's with them because they didn't answer the radio checkups, and she found them dead.

From that moment, the higher officers got a drone up in the sky and they found someone they suspected was the terrorist, he fortified a position with rocks and it was impossible to identify whether he was armed or not.

Here's the stupid part: instead of acting like a smart human being and keeping distance from the terrorist, since he was posing no threat to anyone since he only had an AK47 in the middle of a desert and he was by foot, or at least arrive himself with his bulletproof car, the retarded division commander decided to bring an unarmoured jeep of a company commander to a distance of 200 meters away from the terrorist, the terrorist shot a burst at the car and he killed the company commander's passenger.

Then the team of another Brigadier came and killed the terrorist.

For all of the ones laughing at 3:1, remember Israel killed 40,000 Egyptians while Egypt killed 4,000 Israelis.

They're not well trained, they're stupid monkeys. Both the soldiers and their officers. We have a 10:1 kill ratio against them.

But sometimes monkeys get lucky.

You can't cross the Israeli border by mistake, it's a huge fence, he went through a cut in the fence.

Egypt doesn't care about smugglers. Because the drugs don't enter Egypt, they enter Israel.

40,000 Egyptian soldiers died vs 4,000 Israeli soldiers lol

Yo Shlomo Benny, that's annoying.
I always said, that Israel will destroy itself.
When pruning, you accidentally caught the nuts too.
shut up and honour your ban, Beny

Nah, let Beny be here, he is from the other side and this is important and if everybody is arguing with "arguments" in a 10 vs 1 you understand he becomes pissed and isn't nice to the people here, right?
Implement two state solution and make Jerusalem an international city.
@Neby Rakachun

Lol, you laughed at my post. What is your suggestion to a fair solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

You do know, the only reason Israel exists is because USA supports Israel, right?

Otherwise the world couldn't give a damn for Zionists or Israel. lol. :disagree:
Try lmao useless monkeys

Hey monkey, the smugglers come from the Egyptian side, if anyone let them come into Israel it would be the Egyptians not Israelis lol, but I don't expect an inferior being to understand that
You do know that inferiors are slaves , correct? And your ancestors were slaves so?
by the way, the dead bitch was ugly.. I have no idea why even your women look ugly.
Israel is harassed and under attack.

And everybody we know who is the only powerful enough to do that.

USA wants (needs) a israel first strike against Iran.

Cheap oil is not endless.
Shut your monkey face

When the time comes we, and me personally as well, will take care of the sand apes, and no judge in the world will help them.

You'll see.

everything is temporary anyway, one day the sand apes will take over again. Time is long. I don’t care about your country, I’m just stating facts.

In the large scheme it remains true that the train of Arabization is moving towards you and it’s too heavy to be stopped. You should convert to Arab and get aboard the train, we will accept your kosher *** unfortunately.
Shut your monkey face

When the time comes we, and me personally as well, will take care of the sand apes, and no judge in the world will help them.

You'll see.
What we will see is some Zios running here and there like pigs... Trying to find some shelter.... Behind trees, behinds rocks, inside haunted buildings.... But to no avail.... They will be caught... And slaughtered at the spot.
You know this Benny, didn't you?
You know it well.... It's written... And Zios know it better than anything else.
You think you can win against almighty God by waging war against him with the help of false mesaya (dajjal)???
Benny I can see you running.... Yes I can see you 😁😁😁
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