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Egypt and Israeli army both clash on border fight casualties reported!

Indeed. Just like they most probably have electric eyes in the skies watching every move our aircraft (and entire military) are making and checking their vectors for full destinations and back.

The same is being done by one of the largest AD network in the world in Egypt with some (including some of our recent satellites) of the most advanced and integrated SAM network such as the obvious S-300VM and the more recent potent IRIS-T-SL German batteries that the Jews lost their Yakamiks over,

They even flipped a lid when they found out a deal was all set-in stone with delivery already in process of the 4 German Type-2 submarines where they lost their minds to the poor Germans. I do believe the Germans are starting to grow a pair since they told the Jews to take a hike, wouldn't been better for the Germans to have given them the middle finger as far as I'm concerned, especially when they already got their Dolphin subs. Shows you their ridiculous greed they possess; they can purchase the best German Dolphin subs but we can't get simple but potent Type 209s loool.

Well, all what Israel get from Germany is cause the US ordered to do this. So no one needs to wonder about the low prices Israel has "payed" for it. Germany is still occupied country. And so it is with any other weapon Germany "sells". It only is if US has allowed it.
The moment Egypt crosses the red line, Democracy will find its way to Egypt with full USN on its back... 🦅
@The SC or anion else can find it, please find the huge group of dead Israelis on the deserti ground and the MiG-21 EAF silhouette flying over them while they were burring them not to lease the to rot like they dd to ours those cum sucking hogs o f course the finish but that was one BEST pictures pf a blodiedead deserving land grabbing thieving jews!!!! of you fond it that incredible picture, please post it!!!!

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