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Discussion: Illegal crackdown on PTI

This whole fiasco is actually haunting the military and country more than PTI.
I guess its hard for PDM and Establishment to fathom. PTI comes back or not, probably not, is irrelevant.

What is relevant that the public sees the company as a corrupt entity and political engineers. The establishment has been the only constant in the majority of Pakistan’s existence and we all know what is the state of Pakistan as of today. These cucks are foremost to blame for Pakistan’s ills.

One can talk about PDM, PTI, ANP, public etc etc. But unless the root of evil is forced to come under the law nothing will change.

To put things into perspective, 9-May false flag narrative has gone into oblivion and the focus is on abductions, human rights violations, company’s expose on their p0rn video making skills. The duffers should know they cannot fight the Pakistani public. Bajwa is forgotten into the dustbin of history. Same fate awaits for Asim Munir.
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Project PTI is desitned to be dismantled. Army's overinvestment in developing PTI's propaganda capabilities has come to haunt them big time. With army pushing for military trials of May 9 culprits is all about sending a strong message that army still holds the power. Neverthelss, Bajwa's investment in Media and Social Media for PTI will continue to pay IK dividends for some time.
These treasonous actions are one of the reasons so many people support IK.
aik tha ganda

So guys ok we get it that the estab is against IK and are doing everything to destroy him and PTI. My question: what is ik’s strategy to counter this ?
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