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Delhi murder: Indian man held after brutally murdering girl in public

The dice is loaded against Hindu men. They have little to no opportunities to interact with Muslim women. There will be a few in school, fewer in college, negligible in higher studies and they almost vanish in the mainstream job market. The same is not true for Muslim men. There are found consistently in all places in society. The only state where I have seen some reversal is in Kerala, where Muslim women are more out in the open and it's not uncommon to find them married to Hindus and Christians.

Moreover, Hindu women are more emancipated and for decades their parents have raised them in the "Ja Simran, jee le apni zindagi" values. Beyond a point they don't give a fug about what their families think.
Even in Kerala where muslim ladies are seen in public service jobs and schools, they are active in converting hindu and christian girls . Kerala story shows three real stories how muslim girls helped their muslim brothers to convert recruit non muslim girls for ISIS. Now hindus are waking up and such events are under radars of hindu society .
Hindoo men by nature are cowards, but they are very brave against their own women.

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