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‘CPEC to attract $150 billion foreign investment

We are only concerned because it is going through Indian territory, P-OK. We do not want any Chinese colonization in Indian territory. Pakistan is free to sell their entire country to China, we don't give a flying pig's...but kindly keep away from Indian territories

P-OK, I-OK is whole of Pakistan territory. Part of it is occupied by India. I give a flying cow from which I ate a steak just today was delicious.
Ohh we shall , I would really love to see the Hype and the reality that is worth with pinch of salt. :D
yeah i know what you and your country feeling, :lol::lol: cry my son cry because it's worth. CPEC :pakistan::pakistan::pakistan:

hahaahah all PAKISTAN know his reality he is gadar, ok CPEC is nothing than why you and your country crying :3 :3 :3


Taxila Museum


wow all those hindu and buddhist ruins.
And you Ganga faggot when you posted the picture below could you not post something from Gangaland? Is there no Buddhist monument in your Gangadesh worth mentioning? Now p*ss off.

And what can I say? You respect something in Pakistan.
was the rant necessary, really pathetic.
was the rant necessary, really pathetic.

You should learn to respect seniors. Is this how you relate yourself to the people around you, in life out of PDF. Keep one thing in your mind, you are not just presenting India here but your family background as well. Ethics are something that cannot be shoved but this is how you have been raised by a family. If you want to learn then pay attention and read it to learn not the reply only or if you want to share something for others to learn, make sure that is productive and civilized but provocation may not be fruitful so try to respect others and be respected.
Kindly explain what does economic corridor does exceptionally well that other projects. 11 billion dollar is for Freight corridor connecting Gawadar port with China. Rest money for Coal power plants that will give 24x7 electricity to the Industry. How is different from any other economic Project. China will use the CPEC to just transport half of the Fuel supply to China. As transporting from Ship is the cheapest form of Mass modal transport . Air>Rail>Road>Sea.

When world's fastest growing country economically, will be transporting oil, its goods through sea, roads and rails from Pakistan then you must expect that along those routs there will be economic growth, Industrial Projects, Housing Societies, Resorts, Hotels and many other projects.
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