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CPEC at a glance

The Chinese miracle city of Shenzhen took 40 years to develop to its present day status. And its success is due to Deng Xiao Ping's policies in attracting initial direct investments from Hong Kong, Taiwan and overseas Chinese from other countries, and benefitted from a well developed infrastructure of seaports, airport, highways, powerstation etc that help exports of its manufactured goods to all over the world.

CPEC is still at its very young stage. More development work is needed and more effect to attract foreign direct investment as well as investor friendly government policies should continue.

201 Chinese companies invested $25.4bn, employed 236,000 locals in Pakistan: Jiang Zaidong​

By Fatima Javed
Nov 7, 2023

ISLAMABAD - Over 201 Chinese companies have, so far, invested $25.4 billion in Pakistan and employed around 236,000 locals under China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), according to Jiang Zaidong, the Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan on Monday.

201 Chinese companies invested $25.4bn, employed 236,000 locals in Pakistan: Jiang Zaidong

Emphasizing the development of Balochistan, especially Gwadar, the Chinese ambassador said, "we will continue our cooperation in the agricultural and industrial fields.

In the education sector, our plan is to provide scholarships to the needy students of Balochistan. Solar panels for around 10,000 families in Balochistan will also be delivered.”

The ambassador was speaking at the launching ceremony of a special feature report titled "Thousands of Miles with CPEC: The Symbol of Pakistan-China Relations" organized by the All-Pakistan Chinese Enterprises' Association (APCEA), in collaboration with the Pakistan-China Institute (PCI).

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