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Mohmand dam

Mohmand Dam is being constructed on River Swat in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
It has a gross water storage capacity of 1.2 MAF and installed power generation capacity of 800 MW.
The project is scheduled for completion in 2026-27.



Dasu Hydropower Project ..

Construction work continues simultaneously on more than a dozen sites of Stage-I of the 4320 MW-Dasu Hydropower Project. Electricity generation from the project likely to commence in 2026...




Diamer Basha Dam

272-meter high Diamer Basha Dam is highest under-construction Roller-Compact-Concrete dam in World.
Completion in 2029,
Multi-purpose project will store 8.1 million acre feet (MAF), supplies to irrigate 1.23 million acre (MA).
it will also generate 4500MW...



POWERCHINA completes Phase-I of DBDP’s Upstream cutoff wall​

By Tahir Ali | Gwadar Pro
Apr 19, 2023

GILGIT- POWERCHINA has completed Phase-I of the upstream cutoff wall of the Diamer Basha Dam Project (DBDP), which creates a favorable condition for the river diversion and closure, the Chinese company said in a statement on Wednesday.

POWERCHINA completes Phase-I of DBDP’s Upstream cutoff wall

POWERCHINA completes Phase-I of DBDP’s Upstream cutoff wall

Machinery at the site of upstream cutoff wall. [Photo/PowerChina]

As per details, the wall is made of plastic concrete, with an axial length of 202 meters, which had been constructed in stages due to the complex geological conditions.

“To complete the task on time, the construction team has overcome various difficulties, attaching great importance to both the process and quality,” reads the statement

At the moment, construction activities are going at a rapid speed at various sites of DBDP. They include three temporary cable bridges, D/S Cable Bridge and a permanent bridge, a diversion tunnel inlet, a diversion tunnel outlet, diversion tunnel 2, a diversion canal, an upstream cofferdam, a downstream cofferdam, left and right abutments, batching plant, power generation plant and aggregate processing plant.

DBDP is being constructed on River Indus, which is scheduled to be completed in 2028-29. Power China in a JV with FWO is constructing the MW-1 Dam of the project.

The Project will have a gross water storage capacity of 8.1 MAF to irrigate 1.23 million acres of additional land. With an installed power generation capacity of 4,500 MW, the project will provide more than 18 billion units per annum to the National Grid.
Suki Kinari Hydropower

CPEC Project Updates: The first shaft penstock of the Suki Kinari hydropower station project in Pakistan was successfully installed, laying a solid foundation for the water storage and power generation of the hydropower station. generation capacity of 874 MW.




First shaft penstock successfully installed at Suki Kinari HPP​

By Tahir Ali
Apr 29, 2023

MANSEHRA, Apr.29,(Gwadar Pro)- In another major development at the Suki Kinari Hydropower Project (SKHPP), a team of Chinese engineers has successfully installed the first shaft penstock, which will provide a solid foundation for the water storage and power generation of the hydropower station.

Penstocks are pressure vessels that carry water from the source to the turbine for power generation. These are key elements in the operation of the hydroelectric system. "The penstock was successfully installed on April 26," an SKHPP official confirmed, adding that the installation was warmly celebrated by the Chinese engineers-led team.

The 884 MW SKHPP is developed under the umbrella of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) at River Kunhar (a tributary of River Jhelum) at Mansehra, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP). CGGC Ltd. is the sponsor of the project, which is being executed by Suki Kinari Hydro (Pvt) Ltd.

Last year, in October, the Chinese engineers completed the excavation of the deepest pressure shaft system at SKHPP. The overall construction of SKHPP is going at a fast pace, and, according to insiders, 90% of the construction has been completed.

As the construction of the project is heading to completion, the installation of a heavy transmission line to evacuate electricity from SKHPP in Kaghan Valley is going on at full speed, with heavy transmission poles being installed in Balakot mountains.

The total investment in the project is $1.96 billion. The project has created more than 4,000 jobs during its construction. Upon completion, the project will each year produce 3.2 billion kWh for Pakistan.
800 MW Mohmand Dam Hydropower Project

Construction work continues simultaneously on 14 sites of multi-purpose Mohmand Dam Project.

The Dam envisages to store 1.2 million acre feet of water and generate 800 mega watt of green, clean and cheap electricity.

In addition, it will also supply 300 million gallon per day drinking water to Peshawar.



Another Milestone Achieved at Suki Kinari Hydropower Project - 884MW
Another milestone is achieved today.
The Asphalt Core Rockfill Dam embankment has been completed.
To celebrate, a short ceremony was held at Dam site and all stakeholders participated.
The representatives of all parties exchanged good wishes and praised the site team.


Construction highlights on Stage-I of the 4320 MW-Dasu Hydropower Project, being constructed on River Indus in Upper Kohistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Power generation from the project expected to start in 2026.

Picture highlights of construction progress at the first phase of Dasu Hydropower Project with a production capacity of four thousand 320 MW; electricity generation from the under-construction project on the Sindh River in Upper Kohistan district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is expected to commence in 2026.



Suki Kinari Hydropower Project,
It has successfully achieved another remarkable milestone of smooth backfilling completion of asphalt core rockfill dam!



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