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You can generate one at this link.

There are other websites too, but this one doesn't ask you for your email address and phone number.
Once you have generated it, see the tabs on 'Dasha' and 'Free Report'. These provide descriptive info. The other tabs are technical and you won't understand the ABC of it.
When you read the info you will be confused by the year ranges. You need to understand that the entire range does not apply to you. For example if the range covers 1968-82 and you were born in 80, then most of the events described in that range will not apply to you.

Disclaimer - I don't believe in astrology.

Neither do I but I am curious. Thanks for the link.
There was a Muslim guy Danish bhaiya(7-8 yrs older than me).. his mom and my mom were friends..

He was forced to do engineering by his dad but failed 2 years. His mom asked my mom to get his kundli seen by a Hindu pundit.

He clearly told that Danish did not have any future in engineering..he should go to journalism as his Mercury was very strong....

He left engineering and pursued Mass comm from jamia milia Delhi..

Now working in Dubai in some ad company..married... With children..
Only brainless people believes in planets are controlling their actions and results.
Bushra Bibi is a great believer in astrology. She joined IK using favorable planetary position to her greatest advantage. Now I believe that she left him. How can you call her brainless?
Absolutely pure nonsense. Have never understood the Hindu mind's obsession with supersritions.

Do people still really fall for this "asrtrology" crap in this day and age?
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