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Asim Bajwa resigns as CPEC Chairman - Khalid Mansoor replaces him


So why didn't your leader Mian Mafroor retire from politics gracefully?
Is this even a constitutional office? The portfolio is of an advisor.
Power sector. CPEC energy deal negotiations. (cleaning filth and corruption of plmn).

What business model is this which relies on constant alignment or renegotiation and a top brass change?

It's not cricket
Such monopoly is least desired by the country.
What's wrong with this, if anyone is not delivering, best to be removed or replaced.
Same has happened in the case of Finance Minister, Home Minister and others.
Why so much reaction on this case.
Interior Minister - not delivering
Foreign Minister - not delivering
Finance Minister- delivering to others
Defence Minister- no one cares

Prime Minister is amazingly performing however despite all his appointees failing.
In some cases even the PM of the country resigns for not delivering.

Bajwa was very slow on project let civilans take the control of admistrative lvl
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