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Amazing Cosmic Images

India's Chandrayaan3 space probe has successfully landed on the Moon.
The first country ever to visit the lunar south pole.

NASA has now confirmed the existence of 5,496 exoplanets in 4,096 different planetary systems

198 are rocky terrestrial worlds, possibly earth-like
Biggest and brightest (Blue) Moon of the year is almost here, the next time will only be seen in 2037.

NASA released a rare footage of helicopter flying on Mars. That's a freaking helicopter flying on another planet.
If you ever get lost in the Milky Way galaxy, this is your map to get back to EARTH.
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No.. no.. no.. no.. you cannot use it as a map - it wont look like that at all - because light itself takes time to travel - so any view from any point in space to any other point, is a view into the past and does not reflect where things are right now .... if you for example managed to get to Alpha Centauri at the speed of light and then if you turned around to look back towards our solar system - you would see our solar system as it looked when you left if you have something sensitive enough to capture the light from earth. However, the earth in reality will have moved its normal distance in 4.367 years, so you would be hundreds of millions of miles out if you tried to hop back to that same point you can see. You have to "calculate the new position of earth from what you can see by adjusting it for ( 4.367 years x 2 ) years of drift if you want to travel back, at the speed of light to earth" . This means the above map will only serve as toilet paper on your journey ...

Has geting serviced by Maryam for your services, rotted your brain ?!?! I would be very worried ... everyone here told you to lay off chewing at her "Bikini burger"(!)

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This looks so unrealistic but this view of Earth and Moon is actually real and captured by NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter.

Japan’s iSpace HAKUTO-R lander captured this stunning photo in orbit around our Moon while a solar eclipse was occurring on Earth last week.
The Sombrero Galaxy
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The Black eye Galaxy
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This volcano mountain is on Mars. It is called Olympus Mons. It is the tallest mountain in our solar system. It is three times larger than Mount Everest ( 26 km long and 600 km wide Amazing.
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Jupiter and Europa..
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Milky-Way above the Monument Valley USA
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The clearest picture that was ever taken of the surface of Venus...
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The good thing about an object that is one light year away from earth is Mr Nawaz Sharif can't reach there to do corruption. So at least we can expect that distant scenes will remain beautiful, forever.
The surface of the asteroid Ryugu taken by the Japanese spacecraft Hayabusa-2. That pitch black background is so scary.

View of the Moon from its orbit by Apollo 15.

Chandrayaan-3 rover came across a 4 meter-wide crater on the Moon yesterday Operaters told it to retrace its path to avoid the risk of falling in
Amazing shot of Saturn & our Moon

NGC 3628 with 300,000 Light Year Long Tail

Pluto, 3.7 billion miles away from the Sun
NASA's James Webb Space Telescope has captured the clearest-ever image of the Whirlpool galaxy

Close up view of Pluto from the New Horizons spacecraft
Saturn in ultraviolet

A very rare Super Blue Moon rises tonight.

This happens when a blue moon and supermoon occur simultaneously. It won't happen again until 2037

NASA's James Webb telescope just captured this image of a strange looking supernova out in deep space
The solar eclipse on Cañón de Chelly, Arizona, makes it look like we're on Mars. or like a black hole appeared out of nowhere.

The Fuzzy Wuzzy Galaxy captured by Hubble

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