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Aleem Khan says establishment left Imran after finding reality

Gang of 20 or something now. All bastardos who used to curse each other joined hands to take down Imran Khan. Bunch of cowards. I would love to get my hands on you and them
IPP president says ex-PM did not match image he projected
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Istehkam-e-Pakistan Party (IPP) President Aleem Khan on Thursday said that the establishment had withdrawn its support from former prime minister Imran Khan after realizing that he did not match the image he projected. He likened this revelation to seeing someone’s true face after their makeup has been washed off.

During an interview on Aaj News program “Faisla Aap Ka” with Asma Shirazi, Aleem Khan accused the Punjab government of PTI of being controlled by a group of five individuals.

This group included the then army chief General (retd) Qamar Javed Bajwa, DG ISI Lt. General Faiz Hameed, Farah Gogi, chief minister Usman Buzdar, and principal secretary to prime minister Azam Khan.

IPP president said that this group had connections with a major property developer in Pakistan who guaranteed Faiz Hameed’s appointment as the next chief.

He also asserted that Imran Khan had a “long plan” to keep holding power by making Faiz Hameed the army chief and extending his tenure if re-elected.

Regarding corruption, Aleem Khan stated that Imran Khan was well aware of the embezzlement that occurred during Buzdar government’s tenure.

He said that substantial amounts of money were exchanged for transfers and postings, and that Imran Khan either turned a blind eye or was influenced by some unknown force.

He expressed surprise that former chief minister Usman Buzdar had not been arrested yet and suggested that if arrested, Buzdar might reveal the details of corruption within the government.

He also levelled similar accusations against Farah Gogi, claiming that she might disclose how much corruption money went to Imran Khan.

Aleem Khan also accused Pervez Elahi of accumulating wealth during his brief tenure as chief minister of Punjab and claimed that Elahi had made a U-turn on becoming the Pakistan Democratic Alliance’s (PDM) candidate for chief minister after a call from Lt. General Faiz Hameed.

Khan acknowledged that he had no regrets about the money or effort he spent on the PTI, believing that it was for the betterment of the country. However, he expressed disappointment in Imran Khan for appointing incompetent people who would remain loyal to him rather than placing capable individuals in leadership positions.

And the people left establishment once they saw reality.
Punjabis should be ashamed of having people like these as politicians.
He is doing all this because he didnt get the CM post.

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