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40 countries with the highest military expenditure in 2022

Indian engineers build bridge.

At Least 26 Die as Bridge Collapses While Under Construction in India​

A rescue effort was underway as reports indicated that several additional workers were trapped under the wreckage.

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The collapsed span of a bridge rests on the floor of a lush valley.

A photo shared on social media by Mizoram State, India, showed the damaged bridge.Credit...Zoramthanga, via X, formerly known as Twitter

The collapsed span of a bridge rests on the floor of a lush valley.

Suhasini Raj
By Suhasini Raj
Reporting from New Delhi
Aug. 23, 2023
At least 26 workers were killed on Wednesday after the collapse of a bridge that was under construction in the northeastern Indian state of Mizoram, officials said.
Several other workers were feared trapped under the wreckage, the Indian news media reported. Sabyasachi De, a spokesman for the North East Frontier Railway, said that Mizoram State had taken over a rescue operation and that the construction was a project of the federal railways ministry.
“Most northeastern state capitals are not connected by the railways, so this bridge was part of that connectivity project,” he said.

Mr. De said that a gantry, rather than the entire bridge, fell while being set atop the bridge’s piers. A committee has been formed to investigate the cause of the collapse, he added.

now days Metro trains are found in many cities of India. 3 places I know in UP, uttar pradesh state of India, which are Noida, Kanpur, Lucknow.
here are bridges of Lucknow metro trains: :enjoy:









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The Five Most Expensive Cities In The World

To buy a 970-square-foot apartment in Hong Kong, Mumbai, Beijing or Shanghai would take more than 30 years for a household with a median income, according to a recent report by Oxford Economics which looked at price-to-income ratios around the globe.

Here are five most expensive real estate markets in the world--only one of which isn't in Asia.

5. London

London's property prices are severely unaffordable to most residents after decades of growth. Since 2013, London's property prices have increased at a double-digit rate every year. Average home prices in the city have gone from £257,000 in 2006 to £474,000 in 2016, an 84% increase.

4. Shanghai

One of China's hottest property markets, Shanghai's real estate prices rose as much as 40% last year and were up 5% a single month last August. Housing prices have been difficult to clamp down on. Spooked by a weak domestic stock market in 2015, many investors poured into the property sector, seeing it as one of the few options left for favorable returns.

3. Beijing

The most expensive housing market in mainland China, the average home price in Beijing is now $5,820 per square meter, according to the Municipal Commission of Housing and Urban-Rural Development. In September, average home prices in Beijing rose nearly 30% year on year. By comparison, prices in China's major cities rose about 11%.

2. Mumbai

Located on a narrow peninsula, Mumbai is now home to some of the world's most expensive real estate. As Quartz notes, Mumbai's house price-to-monthly income ratio "is the highest among major Indian cities." And as the country accumulates wealth, developers have been struggling to find building sites in the crowded city where millions still live in densely-packed slum

1. Hong Kong

Holding on to its rank as the most expensive housing market in the world for the seventh year in a row is Hong Kong. The median home price was 18.1 times the median annual pretax household income last year, according to a recent annual report from Demographia. Though a small improvement from the year before when home prices were 19 median household income, Hong Kong still ranks as "severely unaffordable" the report said.


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It is ridiculous to compare NATO and BRICS. There is no union called BRICS, India and China are enemies anyway.

I'm surprised that Turkey is only $10 billion.
BRICs.... It is called Pricks.... All with nefarious purposes.
It is ridiculous to compare NATO and BRICS. There is no union called BRICS, India and China are enemies anyway.

I'm surprised that Turkey is only $10 billion.

we have Russia in middle who share information between India and China.
with allies like Iran also, India and China have more a sense of 'together' :-)

China beats US in ultimate military strength index while India comes in fourth


China has the strongest military force in the world according to a study released on March 21 by defence website Military Direct. The study said "ultimate military strength index" was calculated after taking into consideration various factors including budgets, number of inactive and active military personnel, total air, sea, land and nuclear resources, average salaries, and weight of equipment. China has the strongest military in the world, scoring 82 out of 100 points in the index, it noted. China wins in a sea war with 406 ships vs Russia with 278 and the USA or India with 202, it said.


"The USA, despite their enormous military budgets, comes in 2nd place with 74 points. The world's biggest military spender with a budget of USD 732 billion per year is the USA, it noted, adding that China comes second with USD 261 billion, followed by India at USD 71 billion.


Russia comes in third with a score of 69. The Russian Federation wins in a land war with 54,866 vehicles vs USA with 50,326 and China with 41,641," it mentioned.


India is fourth with a score of 61. Soldiers are not paid relatively highly but it is not known whether the report takes account into other benefits and various tax rebates. India has 202 ships.

The Chinese Navy is growing, but it's still not a match for the United States Navy.

One aircraft carrier as of present among other things

Not even close to as many Subs as the USN
Just go along with him, that the PLAN is superior to the USN in every way. It is his mission here on PDF to knock US down whenever he can find sources on the internet.

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