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27 Feb 19: PAF shot down two Indian aircrafts inside Pakistani airspace: DG ISPR

Yep they're definitely upto something this time their media have created too much hype. What if they're planning to launch airstrikes on that madrassah in Bahawalpur? I wonder what happens if they attempt to do that and we shoot down one of their jets.... nazuk surate haal hai
Sialkot Sector could be an option for them as it's touching the LOC. India has hiped up operations on and around the LOC however there no heavy movements on the international boarder. Yar yeh drama har saal hota hai, things will get back to normal soon.
Don't we have SAMS? You see a plane you shoot it down. Whats good is scrambling??
Don't we have SAMS? You see a plane you shoot it down. Whats good is scrambling??
Pakistan Military & Government probably exercising restraint, probably don't want to make the situation more volatile than it needs to be.
Well if we used the SAM it will kill Indian plane 95%-98% of time

If we scramble a jet it is a soft chase , deescalation, and we only lose some fuel for planes
Except for the fools bit, we have a pretty similar opinion of your tactics.

I doubt it.
It was a joke but you have to understand that all the hype built up in india by media
Politicians need some place to vent that out for next election

Modis current image is the macho man of region if they dont do anything what do you think will happen
Testing 1, 2, 3...............
Indian Air Force violated Line of Control.

Director General, Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) Major General Asif Ghafoor in a tweet said Pakistan Air Force immediately scrambled and Indian aircrafts gone back.
You do realize that the detection range is not same as missile range. While variants exist that can shoot up to 400km, which India only has one, for air-to-air combat; it has an extremely high load.

Of course, but that gives us significant advantage above the old f16s of 80s. besides the flankers have unmatched monoeuverability and ever eurofighters were not able to defeat it then where do f16s stand. There is a reason why India does not want them, they are obsolete and stand zero chance against the likes of flankers and rafales and even mig29s.

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