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Why is the superior judiciary supporting Imran Khan?

How’s the 5 year old Prius coming along which you dreamt about all your life ferrying drunken old white men & there dogs for £1 an hour ?

How’s Luton the backward dump of U.K. a place awashed with inbreds from Kotli ? where everyone’s related to each other & has the highest rate of disabilities in U.K. for fucking there cousins ???

Have you seen how he lives & where he lives
Ever been to bury park Luton aka handicap central where every other kid is disabled due to parents fucking there own cousin sisters / brothers
Naa yaar! He is from Bury Park. Fcuk me man. That is a dump. Yeah I been there before. Its a cesspit. I am only a hour away from Luton. I not married to a cousin neither my parents are cousins

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