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What Next For the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor?

Work for the project needs to accelerate as it is taking a long time so far. Also, CPEC needs to eventually not only connect to China by highways and high speed rail, but also to Central Asia and to Russia. That will make Gwadar a massive logistics hub.
We need to attract more investment in gwadar and we need to encourage our people to move there. We should have incentives for businesses and families that move to gwadar. We shoddily pass a bill saying no more factories can be built in Karachi instead they have to be built in gwadar. We should also get overseas Pakistanis on board and encourage them to invest in gwadar.
Instead of investing more money in Karachi we should invest in gwadar but if people really want Karachi than we should invest in Hub instead since it’s driving distance from Karachi but it’s not Karachi
Chinese interest would be to have some dimwit bozo a la Nawaz or Zardari they can buy off to sign exorbitant deals. Like the Qatari gas things. These sarkaris mfers can't even read the papers presented to them properly.

I think our establishment is also now cautious about CPEC.

Did I forget the babus getting a share of the cream of the dirty gains?

CPEC will always be dependent upon Pakistanis and their mental and physical acumen and quality of human resource. If you can't provide basic education until high school without having societal trifurcation i.e private school, government school and madrassa. Then how can we grab CPEC by the balls and make it profit Pakistan. Instead of contributing to the growing list of billionaires in China.

We let things fall into free fall in 1970s and are facing the music now. Now we have a multitude of problems which are very very hard to fix simultaneously. Another factor is external constant conspiracies by non Muslim hostile nations.
It is the same venue where Alice Wells wells criticized CPEC and burden of Chicness loans on Pakistan back in Nov 2019. Interestingly, Asad Umar actually mentions Alice Wells during his comments.
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