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Weapon Locating Radars (WLR)


Jun 3, 2006
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Weapon Locating Radars (WLR) are primarily used to detect and locate enemy Artillery units by tracking the trajectory of incoming rounds. They can also provide fire correction of friendly artillery units. WLRs usually can also track mortar shells and unguided rockets. Some WLRs also have limited missile tracking and Air Defence capabilities.

Right now Pakistan Army has AN/TPQ-36 Firefinder radar only!!!
AN/TPQ-36 Firefinder is a mobile radar system manufactured by Hughes Aircraft (later acquired by Raytheon). The system is a "weapon-locating radar", designed to detect and track incoming artillery and rocket fire to determine the point of origin for counterbattery fire.

Pakistan Army Should now buy new and better equipment's from US,EU countries or china and russia is not a bad option too!!!

1)AN/TPQ-37:Firefinder radar(United States):The system has a reported range of up to 50 kilometers.

2)ARTHUR: "Artillery Hunting Radar"(Sweden):The System can detect incoming artillery rounds at 40 kilometre distance.

3)The MAMBA:Weapon Locating Radar(UK):The system has a reported range of up to 30 kilometers.

4)SLC-2 Radar:WLR,Firefinder radar(Chinese):The system has a reported range of up to 50 kilometers, SLC-2 radar can also be used to detect and track low flying targets such as light aircraft, helicopters and RPVs.

5)Type 704 Radar:Firefinder radar(Chinese):The system has a reported range of up to 50 kilometers(Copy of US AN/TPQ-37).

6)BL904:WLR,Firefinder radar(Chinese):The system is newly introduced so its capabilities are not known yet.

1)AN/TPQ-37:Firefinder radar(United States):The system has a reported range of up to 50 kilometers.

india possesses these!

AN/TPQ-36: is serving the PA quite well !
The British Cymebline Mortar locating RADAR had some good success on the export market as its in service with 18 countries including Saudi Arabia and Egypt.
Cymbeline Mortar Locating Radar

The radar set came in two forms, roof mounted on an FV432 (436 ?) and towed behind a Land Rover. The FV432s were delivered to the EMI factory where the roof doors were removed and a new roof inserted that included three hydralic jacks to level the set while in operation. (the towed version had four screw jacks and a spirit level). The jacks intruded considerably into the fighting compartment and had to be heavily padded. A simple desk was installed against the engine firewall for the operator(s). The system was broken down into seperate sub-assemblies. Inside the fighting compartment the operator has the screen assembly (unit #8) and the leveling gear. Everything else (I think) was in the chassis on the roof. From what I remember, the operator set the radar to a 'listen' mode where it scanned just above the horizon looking for a mortar round to pass through the narrow beam. When a round was detected the operator marked it on the screen and flipped the radar up by 20-30 degrees and waited for the round to pass through the beam again. Again the operator marked the screen. The operator then moved a set of cross wires over the first point and marked the intersection (for the systems analogue computer), then repeated it for the second. With the co-ordinates the computer could calculate the point from which the round was fired (relative to the radars location). Power was provided by a wankel petrol engine generator (pull start ... a real knack required to get the thing to fire)

The range is less than the Mamba Radar mentioned by airbus but then again this is quite an old system.

For Pakistan I'd like to see a continuing relationship with the Sweden following the Erieye deal with a consideration of ARTHUR.
Yes Imran we need this for sure thx bro for sharing good video!!
Adding some info.

Singapore and South Korea has bought ARTHUR even-though they already use the AN/TPQ-37/36 with a theoretically longer range. The main reason why Arthur is popular is the high speed and detection capability. It's much faster to report and more accurate than the AN/TPQ-37 and the current Russian systems, but I don't know enough about the Chinese ones to comment.

Another radar the Giraffe AMB 3D has 360 degree tracking and locating of rockets, artillery and mortars (RAM) with a range up to 100 km. But it should be seen as a multimission radar and not exclusive for artillery hunting. The AMB radar with RAM capability is also used in RBS-23 BAMSE but unlike the Giraffe the radar does not constantly turn 360 degrees.

Point number 3 in the first post, MAMBA is actually ARTHUR. The UK bought Arthur and in their typical British way they renamed it.

This info is before the computer update as the new info is classified: Arthur searches for projectiles along the horizon and can track up to 8 projectiles simultaneously. In addition, it can track up to 100 rounds per minute. Arthur has a max range of 40 km and a search sector of 1600 mils wide.

ARTHUR has been bought by Canada, Italy, Czech Republic, Spain, UK, Greece, South Korea, Sweden, Singapore, Norway and Denmark.

Best Rgds,
chinese,uk and swdeen is better one for PA what type of weapon locating system PA posses now these days please name some

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