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The threat of the growing Egyptian military power, an Israeli study


Dec 21, 2007
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Israel is playing a new game to drain the West and America by creating Egypt as a source of threat to it so that it can get huge military support from America and also make the West prohibit and restrict Egyptian armament

Away from the field of military propaganda, there are military studies and analyzes that reveal what is being hidden

The Israeli fear of the Egyptian military capabilities, which constitute a source of terror for it and all the regional powers in the Middle East

Israel's secret alliances with Turkey, Ethiopia and Iran against Egypt and Western countries are close to failure

It is not better than to quote what the enemies say about Egypt in their studies

The author of the study is primarily a former Israeli general, specializing in studies of the level of threats in the Middle East to Israel

Before we go to this study

Introduction to the level of threats that the Israelis do not mention

Israel does not see any danger, even from the artificial Islamic terrorism mediated by Turkey through the Muslim Brotherhood gangs, ISIS criminals and other Turkish tools that are used to implement the Turkish agenda in the Middle East and Africa, which threatens Europe with America supporting Israel and Turkey to use the four devils’ threats Turkey, Iran, Israel and Ethiopia against the Arab Countries African, and even Europe and Asia


We find the four demons, each of them creating another circle of alliance that intersects with the Israeli circle in the implementation of strategic plans

Circles of influence and alliances against Arab countries, for example, each of the four enemies


It allies with Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia and Azerbaijan so that Turkey can implement its colonial strategy and plunder the wealth of peoples in other countries

Although the Arabs and Egypt did not ally themselves with India against this cycle of threats, it was sufficient to reduce the economic and military cooperation programs with this alliance.

The same is true of the Iranians. They have another circle of traitors from within the Arab countries, from the Shiite sect, which is prominently present in 5 countries.

Ethiopia is trying to create an African alliance against the Arab countries and the people of black skin against North Africa and the use of the water card, whether inside the Nile Basin or its light border with North Africa, which is hostile to Egypt so that it can extend the influence of South Africa in all African countries

Israel was not satisfied with this network of alliances, but was able to penetrate the Gulf and North Africa

It now has an alliance with the UAE and Morocco mainly and is trying to attract Sudan to this alliance to become also a tool against the rest of the Arab and Islamic countries, and programs of internal hostility are created between the Arab countries

Such as escalating tension against Algeria and creating enmity between Morocco and Algeria with the encouragement of Morocco

The UAE is using a tool that Israel uses to lead the Gulf countries economically in exchange for protecting the Gulf from Iran to provide funding for Israel’s ambitions in the Middle East and to implement even its religious ambitions


The Israeli study talks about the high level of Egyptian threats through an Egyptian plan to increase its military capacity since 2004

While the study sees that Egypt was until 2010 behind the Pakistani-Turkish as strongest Islamic military forces, but the matter has changed now after rebuilding military Capabilities

On the other hand, the Egyptians had long-term military plans, so Egypt was able to take advantage of the military support and US and European funding during 30 years to build huge stocks of weapons without any obligations on the Egyptian economy and also to provide annual financial savings since 1988 invested to finance arms deals in the period after the disposal of the US armament

egyptian t 72.jpg


The Americans have been an Israeli pressure tool since 2004, and America has been refusing to arm the Egyptian army, as a result of Egypt’s growing capabilities in secret missile programs and military cooperation with Russia, China and North Korea in an undisclosed manner. secretly too

It refused to modernize American weapons in Egypt, and Egypt was using russiamn as second source against America, which is openly turning to Russia in the field of fighters. In 2006, it announced its interest in 48 MiG-29s, 24 Su-35s and 12 S-300 batteries, and America offered Egypt at the time quantities of used weapons. And the sale of 20 F-16 aircraft in exchange for canceling this procurement program

Egypt, for its part, has an armament policy that says we do not have canceled programs, but may be postponed. Therefore, since 2015 Egypt has implemented the old acquisition program that it wanted from Russia at this time, as Mig-29 and Su-35 deals were already implemented, and the Israelis are talking that Egypt obtained 8 batteries S300VM/V4

On the other hand, on the Chinese side, Egypt obtained HQ-17 and HQ-18 batteries from China to replace 40 Sa-2

We go to the heart of the Israeli study and how Egypt represents a strategic threat to Israel

The Israeli study says that Egypt spent 120 billion dollars on armaments between 2013-2021. The study ended already in July 2021.


If we look at some of the Egyptian Air Force’s purchases of helicopters, VIP government planes, and drones in the period between 2013-2021, Israeli estimates range between 7-15 billion dollars, in addition to undeclared Russian sales and even undeclared purchases from other countries, such as UAE drones. Or Mi-24 and other unannounced deals, which shows the growing real value of the deals


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We note that the Israeli study does not announce the Egyptian fighter deals or the numbers related to them, especially since the volumes of deals with the Russians. There is no source that determines the actual number of each deal from the MiG-29 or the Sukhoi-35

If we go to the advertiser who is allocated for the purchases of the Egyptian ground forces,

We will find deals amounting to 7800 million dollars

Including pending deals, such as the purchase of 1000 T-72 with the construction of a modernization plant for it, perhaps to raise its level to the level of the T-90MS at a price of 1.25 million dollars per tank, in addition to the purchase of 500 T-90MS tanks with a local production license in an Egyptian tank factory.

The fact of the production of the T-90 and the fact that Egypt obtained the T-72 tanks for Egypt, perhaps the only indication that the Russian deals are still alive is the production of Egypt

9M119M missile munitions developed under license from the Russians

Many websites have already spoken since 2013 that Egypt has purchased huge numbers of different types of anti-tank missiles from Russia and China, and the study has ignored it, and even a program for the production of new artillery of 122/155 mm calibers from different sources, passing through various transport vehicles.

To the MLRS production program of 300/400MM, such as the Chinese WS-2D systems, which Egypt obtained large numbers of from China and production licenses for larger numbers. The program to replace part of the Net 1400 platform, GRAD 122 Egyptian millimeter, includes replacing it with 300/400 mm caliber platforms for a large number of them, in addition to the systems directed

The study did not address Egypt's requirements for 1,000 modern armored vehicles (IFVs).

Egypt was offered to acquire a number of the Swedish CV-90 armored vehicle as an alternative, and the deal did not succeed

Israel fears that America will provide Egypt with numbers of AGT-1500 engines, so that Egypt will produce a number of Abrams to make it move away from the production of Russian T-90MS/T-14 tanks, and Egypt will turn to a national tank and may turn to South Korean armored vehicles to meet its needs

image 26126.jpg

Regarding air defense purchases, the study says that Egypt possesses about 100 medium and long-range air defense batteries, and about 100 short-range Shorad batteries, along with 200 artillery batteries, including ZSU-2-23mm / ZSU-4-23mm, 72 35mm cannons and 200 Vulcan cannons.

The Egyptian air defense in general constitutes 50

A radar command center that includes 200 Russian/Chinese radars and 100 Western radars

The most important thing in the study is that Egypt bought 8 S300VM batteries, not 4, and there are Egyptian requirements for S400 batteries, but Egypt actually canceled the idea of buying S-400 because the export versions are very miserable, and Egypt prefers the ANTAY-4000 version, as it was originally developed specifically to meet the Egyptian demands. The study also did not address the study. For Egyptian purchases of Chinese HQ-18 batteries, which are likely to replace SA-2 versions, large numbers of which appeared to have been removed.


In general, Egypt is interested in local production of short-range air defense systems, and Egypt prefers Korea, whether short or medium-range. There are programs for acquiring BUK-M3 batteries and 12 SA-6 optical batteries, perhaps developing to the levels of SA-11 air defense batteries.

The Egyptian Air Defense needs to replace 40 SA-2 batteries, 70 SA-3 batteries and 18 HAWK batteries, which makes the Air Defense need 50 new air defense batteries with ranges between 40-130 km, in addition to completing the possession of ANTY-4000 with 4-8 other batteries

2401ש++210228++עלות+הרכש+בזרוע+ההגנה+האוירית-1920w (1).png

The study also talks about the program of rebuilding the Egyptian Navy and the actual preparation of the corvettes and frigates, as well as the OPV ADROIT ships.

The study mentions that Egypt has already purchased 2 of them at a price of $40 million for each ship.


In general, Egypt in mid-2021 announced a tender for the local production of 6 light frigates and 20 OPV ships, as well as French offers to produce Scorpion submarines in Egypt.


Egypt receive 130 Exocet for new corvettes and Frigates

As for the coastal missile batteries, whether Russian or Chinese, they are rapidly and continuously developed to address even future NATO threats, especially in terms of range and capabilities, especially versions that use Ramjet engines in general. The Egyptian use of highly effective munitions made any conflicts in the eastern Mediterranean against Egypt settled in advance for Egypt, which made the Turks want to withdraw from Libya on conditions that they obtain economic benefits through negotiations with Egypt

navy 222 1920wnav.jpg
q 2020.jpg

The study talks about the growing Egyptian military threat to Israel, whether in modernizing the Egyptian transit capabilities to the Suez Canal or building command and control centers and huge stores of weapons and fuel in the Sinai.

Or doubling the weapons depots near the theaters of operations

We find that Egypt doubled the number of crossings and bridges to cross the Suez Canal, and it built 6 crossing tunnels for the Suez Canal and a number of huge civilian bridges.

In addition to the engineering equipment for transit, which Egypt obtained from Ukraine, as well as from Russia later

America was able to create a revolution in Ukraine and appoint its loyalists to rule Ukraine in order to create a new enemy for Russia and also so that it could expose programs for exporting weapons and technology from Ukraine to countries that pose a threat to Israel and America, such as China, Egypt and North Korea, later America, because of its bad economic conditions, Saudi Arabia and Turkey pushed to cooperate with Turkey to save The Ukrainian military-industrial complex, which was dependent on Russia to provide funding for it in the main

egypt 02.jpg

Therefore, the study talks about Egypt
Add 58 tunnels, bridges, and floating bridges

Since the October 1973 war

It includes 6 new tunnels, 2 railway bridges, a suspended bridge bridge, and 7 civilian bridges

As for the military bridges, Egypt added 20 fast-equipped bridges, 17 FLOATING BRIGDES MILITARY IN THE BANK , and 5 FLOATING BRIGDES MILITARY IN THE WATER
Screenshot 2021-10-01 20105064.png

The study shows that Egypt is working on a military policy that has been in place for many years, not as a result of regime change, as some imagine, or behind an efficient championship for the current regime.
egypt 04.jpg

egypt 3.jpg

Egypt has doubled its stockpiles of ammunition inside the Sinai

From 1982 to 2007, Egypt built 380 bunkers with an area of 25,000 square meters for ammunition inside Sima Bina.

That is, its capacity increased by 158%

In the period between 2007-2010

egypt 05.jpg

As for the fuel storage inside the Sinai, the study speaks that Egypt, until 2007, added 9 stores with a capacity of 20 million liters

And between 2007-2010, Egypt added 25 million liters

During the period between 2010-2020, Egypt added stores with a capacity of 18 million to see others

In 2015, Egypt began establishing strategic fuel stores in the Mitla axis

That is, Egypt has added 183 million liters of fuel since 2007, additional fuel stores so far

The study talks about civil reserves of fuel and crude oil stores in Sinai
egypt 06.jpg
The Israeli study talks about the process of accelerating increases in fuel stores in Sinai and Suez
egy[t 6.jpg

Also talks about the increase in the construction of headquarters for the leadership of a number of military divisions in Sinai during the period between 2015-2018

egypt 07.jpg

Beside the construction of 56 tunnels and underground ammunition depots in the Suez region
egypt 7.jpg

What The study does not talk about the most important thing, which is the failure of any programs in Sinai, whether development or building civil and military capabilities in Sinai through Israeli attempts to ally with the Turkish enemy by carrying out terrorist operations using ISIS to make Sinai unstable. Turkey is responsible for implementing Israeli plans to provide fighters from ISIS and smuggle them in the sea Through the tunnels from Gaza to the Sinai, in addition to recruiting a number of Bedouins whose drug cultivation and trade collapsed in the Sinai to turn them into terrorists to carry out terrorist operations on an ongoing basis in the Sinai, but also using children to plant mines in axes that transport the armed forces through roads and reconnaissance tools

On the other hand, Egypt tried, through an implementation program in Gaza, by building a residential neighborhood, to prevent the movement of terrorists from Gaza to Sinai, in exchange for $500 million in financing to build new homes in Gaza, which makes Hamas leaders under pressure from Turkish and Iranian financiers not to comply with Egypt and to close the terrorists’ passage through the tunnels between Gaza and Sinai.


Expansion of the airport in the Sinai and Suez

Egypt has 57 airports in the port and the Suez region

43 of them are a military airport
Since 2013, 15 airports have been expanded
11 new airstrips were paved and added
134 sheltered new planes were built in airports

egypt 8.jpg
Ports Egypt has 30 ports since 2012

Of them 8-10 military ports were built

In addition to 7-9 civil port is currently being built
That is, 17 ports are being developed simultaneously

egypt 9.jpg

The Israelis give an example of the development of a port as a model, that it takes place behind berths in the military port that exceed 1,000 meters in length, and the port accommodates forces of up to one thousand, and the cost of developing Ras Banais port, for example, is one billion dollars to show the size of the investments and also the huge equipment. Some ports are close to being military cities, including a nearby military airport And a military base for the ground forces

Noting that the volume of investments in the military infrastructure, including airports, ports, ammunition stores, expatriates, command headquarters and military cities, amounted to 50 billion dollars in the period between 2013-2021.

egypt 10.jpg

The Israeli analysis of the size of the Egyptian threat sees that Samar spent 120 billion dollars between 2013-2021

Of them, 40 billion dollars were military deals and negotiations for another 10 billion dollars

And your lie is 20 billion dollars of secret weapons and the development of the military production factory for the self-production of weapons

The secret weapons include a large-scale ballistic missile program. Egypt had a plan in the sixties to produce 1,000 ballistic missiles. It was actually reached at the end of the eighties. Egypt doubled its stockpiles and capabilities to 2,000 ballistic missiles.

In addition to the programs for the production of cruise missiles launched from many platforms, and a large-scale program for the development and production of unmanned aircraft on a very large scale.

And a program to establish 2 arsenals for the production of ships and submarines in the Red and Mediterranean sea in building docks in Suez and El Al Almein
egypt 11.jpg

There is always an Israeli question, why this huge building of Egyptian military capabilities

Is it really to fight Israel?

The Israeli study may speak on this point, but Egypt faces 4 historical enemies

Ethiopia, Turkey, Iran and Israel, Egypt is preparing to confront these threats

The Israeli study is trying to make Egypt a threat to Israel, while the truth of the matter is that Israel is the one who terrifies the Egyptians. The country of 105 million people is easily able to defeat Israel with medium weapons and a very large land weapon, whether declared or undeclared, and Egypt does not fear Israel at all

Therefore, the Israelis forget that Egypt and its armaments are not directed at Israel in the first place, but rather to confront the distant enemy

Egypt bought the Sukhoi-35 and is heading to Su-57 and building a fleet of air fuel tankers of all kinds after 2025 simply to confront distant enemies such as Turkey, Iran and Ethiopia

Israel is aligned with Egypt, and it is enough for Egypt only, the Rafale , the MiG-29, and the thousand 16 to confront Israel

Therefore, we find that Egypt has obtained large numbers of MI-24/35 and Ka-52 and more than 40 Italian helicopters, along with Egypt's desires in 36 ASW aircraft and 20 new transport helicopters, in addition to Egypt's desires in 32-50 new KA-52KM aircraft for both the navy and land forces. Expansion In the offensive Hill simply because it will need it in military battles in Syria, the Gulf and South Sudan. Egypt will simply support the Gulf in the face of any Iranian threat. Egypt wants to expel Turkey from northern Syria and the Iranians and Russians will also leave Syria and Libya. It rejects the presence of the Russians in Sudan because they are a direct threat to Egypt.

egypt 12.jpg

Therefore, the Israeli study concludes that Egypt does not represent a threat to Israel because it does not want it, and as long as Egypt is strong, it represents a balance between the two parties. Egypt has a peace treaty that has been stable for 40 years.

But the study did not mention how war , the Muslim Brotherhood and the Turks were used as tools of proxy war against Egypt, and that the threat against Egypt stems mainly from Islamic groups, and they are indirect tools for Israel through the Turkish and Iranian interface.

The study also did not mention Israel's plan to cut off water from Egypt to weaken it through the use of Ethiopia to build dams that cut off water from Egypt and divert the Nile into an Ethiopian lake.

egypt 13.jpg

The Israelis forget that as long as Egypt is ready for war with Israel, this will prevent a war between the two countries in the first place, even if the Egyptian military building is part of it for its borders with Israel.

Egypt sends threats from Ethiopia and needs to have the capabilities to annihilate the Ethiopian threats from dams, military capabilities and even the huge Ethiopian bank of targets to set it back 50 years if this country does not fall from within

The Israelis used the Turks as a nuisance tool in Libya against Egypt, and the Turks managed the process of sending more than 2,000 vehicles carrying ammunition, weapons and terrorists to infiltrate against Egypt in Libyan border between 2013-2020 and establishing camps for ISIS in Libya and providing them with armament and financing with Qatari financial support in Libya. In the end, Israel is trying to play a role The innocent one who moves the Turkish, Iranian and Ethiopian brides

Egypt also has a role against terrorism in Africa, and the Egyptian army is helping African countries to combat Turkish terrorism. The Turks use terrorists as a tool against African governments to expand their spheres of influence and even against French interests in West Africa. Therefore, letting terrorism grow and increase in Africa will have an impact against Egypt. Consequently, Egypt’s military capabilities are Shield for Egypt against the terrorist threats that Israel manages from behind the curtain through the puppets used by Israel

One of the reasons for the Israeli reassurance that the Egyptian threat levels are not real is the spread of corruption in Egypt, which is protected by government positions, and the choice of the most loyal in leadership and the most ignorant and stupid to ensure the continuation of the regime in power. This is followed to ensure the long-term stability of this system. Because it is in a better 1000 position than it deserves

egypt 14.jpg


The Israeli study focuses on the attention and follow-up to the development of the Egyptian military force and its constant monitoring. What reminds the study of all matters, whether the latest weapons or even the true size of capabilities, this is the closed place of the West, but what has been published indicators

Stabilizing peace with Israel is not through weakening Egypt, for they will fail in that.
When America banned arms on Egypt, Egypt activated its missile and conventional/non-conventional weapons programs and doubled its capabilities since 2012 in response to the so-called Western intervention and the overthrow of the regime at the time and the arms embargo on Egypt. Egypt did not wait or It is waiting for a comprehensive ban on its weakness, but rather it takes immediate counter measures, and what some think are restrictions on Egypt is counterproductive, as Egypt no longer requests major American weapons, but only the reconstruction and maintenance of weapons locally. As for the programs to develop them, programs to import technology from non-American sources

So we found America imposes 2300 million dollars to rebuild and modernize the Apache inside the Egyptian factories and roofs without sending them to America. Consequently, the Egyptian control over the planes and the American restrictions led to Egypt obtaining an initial Batch of 46 KA-52

This matter is not new to Egypt. Egypt got rid of the Soviets in the mid-seventies due to armament restrictions, and America knows this perfectly, which made there only agreement that American weapons will continue to serve in Egypt until the end of its armament life without any American development, and it encouraged Egypt to expand the purchase of weapons from all sources Western and Eastern other than America

The real threat to Israel is the real development and industrial development in Egypt, and this matter does not exist. There is a fight even for the continuation of the military factories to work, and since 2011 the plane factory has been stopped from assembling and producing any planes, and the same thing for the helicopter factory in Helwan was limited only to maintenance. As for the tank factory, it turned to production Armored vehicles in limited quantities, other than that there is no export ambition for any Egyptian weapons, which makes their cost and production life short due to the lack of open markets. The lack of export efficiency and the lack of understanding that in order to export weapons, you must pay bribes and not receive bribes. The Egyptian arms industry does not grow or develop, so there is no spending on innovation research Weapons, but production with a license for anything, even the ST-100/500 vehicles are South African vehicles, and Egypt did not export any cars from them because it is a competitor to the American vehicle JLTV, so production is limited to the requests of the Egyptian army, and after several simple years it becomes like the Fahd vehicle, which no one wants to obtain because it is not done Continuous product development

You are unable to design a pistol not for lack of competence but to fight any real self-development

Because of the low efficiency of those who drive and manage

The Egyptian military power will not continue to grow much, as the size of the Egyptian foreign debt will increase due to the failure to export. A country like Egypt exported 30 billion last year, and its maximum ambitions are 36 billion dollars this year, while Turkey exports 210 billion dollars, especially with the failure to fight huge corruption in Egypt.

This is what makes Israel very reassuring of its southern borders





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Very cool topic, can you send me the link of the study?
I think its time for you to change your medication
It seems that the matter gave you diarrhea, so you should take your pills because this is dangerous to your health, as it causes you to whiten hair and premature aging.
It has literally no use. My Palestinian friend told me that any male Palestinian under the age of 50 and over the age of 18 is not allowed to visit Egypt except for studies. Imagine the BS. His father is too old to travel and he have the property in Egypt and they can't sell it because his son can't travel to Egypt. This is the level of influence Zionists have in these so called Muslim countries.
no doubt Egypt is the most powerful arab nation

but since it has peace treaty with Israel nothing will ever happen
It has literally no use. My Palestinian friend told me that any male Palestinian under the age of 50 and over the age of 18 is not allowed to visit Egypt except for studies. Imagine the BS. His father is too old to travel and he have the property in Egypt and they can't sell it because his son can't travel to Egypt. This is the level of influence Zionists have in these so called Muslim countries.
no doubt Egypt is the most powerful arab nation

but since it has peace treaty with Israel nothing will ever happen
There are more than one Arab and Islamic country in the world, so do what you want for Palestine, no one prevents you
תוכן הסרט

IDF Lt. Col. Eli Dekel, Retired, discusses whether Egypt’s military build-up poses a threat to Israel.

Dekel served in the Intelligence branch of the IDF for 20 years, specializing in geographical intelligence, which researches military and civilian infrastructure systems and analyzes the significance of concurrent infrastructure development in terms of the state of the nation. In the following discussion Dekel paints a general picture of the Egyptian military, surveying its military’s buildup and infrastructure development since 2007, focusing especially on the rise to power of President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi in 2013. Dekel analyzes, inter alia, the following infrastructure systems: accelerated development of bridges and tunnels in the Suez Canal area; the construction of a highway network in Sinai; significant expansion of the logistical framework in Sinai; the establishment of emergency fuel reserves, primarily in the Suez Canal area; expansion of military airports and ports and tunnels excavated for storing strategic weapon systems along the Suez Canal.

An analysis of the military build-up and the development of the infrastructure systems in the Sinai and the Canal front, leads Dekel to the conclusion that the Egyptian Army’s focus is on preparing a theatre of war against Israel in Sinai. By contrast, the Egyptian Army is barely engaged in preparation for potential threats from such actors as Libya, Ethiopia. Turkey and Iran.
In his seminar Dekel explains the reasons underlying Egypt’s preparations for military conflict with Israel, and discusses the capabilities it has developed following the spate of military materiel procurements and the development of military infrastructure systems


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