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Mar 31, 2020
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I was in Abu Dhabi in the early 90's where I was employed as a replacement of an experienced Indian who was according to prevailing laws supposed to leave Abu Dhabi to get a visa extension. He was responsible for my training before leaving country. But I had to leave work and come back because he merely went out of the country for only one day and on his return, he got a visa. He paid a 70-day fine at rate of 100-dharm per day, which was paid by the central church in Dubai on his behalf.

One of the highlights I had in the meanwhile was that one day my French boss's secretary showed me a directory that contained data about all 2,500 members of the Royal family. Their photographs, relationship with Sheikh, financial status, and other personal and business information were listed in the directory. It took him about 15 years to prepare this document. Accordingly, to his secretary all the money in this country is available with the banks in the name of only those individuals. The common man has no money. Similar information was collected by him on all other Gulf states including Dubai and Sharjah.

Many people from abroad are working in the UAE as expats. Some of expats have advantages. This is because of their extraordinary cooperation with the royal family. They are involved in making laws, rules, and regulations for them. By following these laws and principles, it was easy for the royal family to utilize their money for the development of the country without fear and therefore their country is growing. The first principle is that no business can be carried out without involving a local person. This principle is 100% in practice. For example, a building to be built, it requires an architecture, contractor, etc. The chosen company must have partnership with the local person in the project. For the money, this person will go to the bank and he started getting money from there. The result is that the country is growing, and the local people are prosperous they get the job for such engagement.

In all this cases, Sheikh reviews everything on regular period mainly on an annual basis and is punished anyone who exceeds his powers. The local person of the company where I was working had a dispute with Sheikh, so Sheikh had pushed him off his car and removed from the ministry. Because of all this, everything is going right way in their country.

After all this introduction I am coming to the recommendation for a real problem, that is the Baluchistan.

This is not out of place to mentioned that on December 22, 2016 the Chief Minister of Punjab Mr. Shahbaz Sharif interacted with visiting students of Gwadar and Balochistan and assured them that the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) will uplift their areas. It was happen as one of the unintentional mistreatment of citizen of Balochistan. He was grilled by this delegation of Baloch students, who questioned his policies from the development scheme of Lahore to the negligence of Balochistan province.

One student asked the Chief Minister as to why development was only taking place in Lahore when the essential part of the whole China-Pakistan Economic Corridor pertained to Gwadar. He asked him why there was no development taking place in Gwadar, but Metro Bus schemes were being built in Lahore? Another student asked whether the CPEC project would result in jobs for the local Baloch youth? When the Gwadar port is fully functional and an airport is built in our city, your people will be appointed as officers in these projects.

When a girl drew the attention of the chief minister towards the absence of basic facilities in her province, Shahbaz Sharif said: “The CPEC is a blessing, and this project will prove a game changer. An airport is also being constructed in Gwadar besides an industrial”. Responding to a student’s complaint about shortage of teachers in the Gwadar Institute of Technology, the chief minister said technology teachers from Punjab would be sent there. He said the future of fishermen of Gwadar was bright as latest technology would be introduced under the CPEC. After listening to brilliant students of Balochistan he unfortunately said people of Balochistan had some misunderstandings during the last 70 years and their grievances should have been redressed.

He said that some allegations were also leveled against Punjab, but the present government had tried to counter them through sincere efforts. He said that under the NFC Award of 2009-10 the Punjab government had given Rs11 billion from its annual share to Balochistan. The Punjab government had also included the students of Balochistan and other federating units in its educational program, he added. The chief minister also distributed laptops among the visiting students.

After the exploitation of sui gas and above-mentioned mishandling of youth and many military operations against locals it is obvious that residents will not allow anyone to work without their involvement on any potential project in the area. In case of using power the law & order situation is becoming a great issue.

The formula of the Emirates will only work here for the growth and development of the region. The writer feels that the resources that exist in this province cannot utilized today without the consent of local population. It is proposed that the local population should be participated in the projects that are also there so that they do not feel that someone is taking away their wealth. Just need to make the heart bigger to get success in these ventures. There is need of outlining necessary rules and regulations to provide for the development projects in the future.
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