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Tejas Fighter Deployed In Kashmir? Speculation Rife As Indigenous Aircraft Spotted At Awantipur During Western Air Command Chief's Visit

And the same donkey not suit to Chinese Airforce.... Also, they know the her capabilities because they were developing more capable Aircrafts i. E J10.

Export to whom?

What reputation has those Airforces? Just they want to drop bombs on thier mostly own citizens.

Jf 17, hal Tejas and korean F50 are on same league.... Nothing more..... If it was not than you not needed to buy j10 fighters from China.
Awww you are obviously triggered by my truth.
The demand of Chinese air force is different than PAF that's why they don't need JF17. That doesn't mean it's inferior for them.
Reputation doesn't make any difference , by your butthurt bharti logic the US airforce has the worst reputation.
And where is your brain Apu. J10 was to counter rafales it has nothing to do with JF17.
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