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Spanish politician shot in broad daylight suspects his anti-Tehran work is behind the murder attempt

Modus operandi was: they bought a motorbike days before, and after the attack, the motorbike was burned in a near town.

By the other side, the shooter was man, but the motorbike was driven by a woman, I think, it's very unlikely a Iranian trusting a woman to drive the motorbike, is it?

I think it's not the work of some insane lone wolf.

I can add: official mainstream massmedia are deliberately ignoring the news, new government deal is sealed, Vidal-Quadras was influential in the protests against it.

Sounds like MKO. MKO structure women employed a lot in military and political structure.

if Iran went assassinating every person that ever said something nice about MKO or assisted them in anyway, then NATO would be at war with Iran right now. That’s how many targets their would be.

To assassinate a non-Iranian in Europe, they must be an very valuable target that offsets the diplomatic blow back that would occur. Rarely happens anymore.
having reviewed this again, it is becoming more clear that was the work of MKO.
If this guy was important enough to whack, Iran would use professionals, and that means the guy would be dead.
It´s only mafia groups like MKO that would butch such a job, and leave the guy alive after shooting him in the face.
But can´t say that I feel sorry for the guy... you take money from the devil, you´ll get fuked by the devil.
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MKO buys this and other European officials' support by giving them a position in a coverup organization called International Committee In Search of Justice.

According to Iranian intelligence sources, after Albanian police raid on MKO base, they have chosen 3 possible new locations, Canada, Spain, and Germany. despite receiving funds from MKO, this guy had a serious role in blocking Spain destination, so MKO decided to get ride of this ungrateful element.

عملیات تروریستی منافقین اینبار در اسپانیا/ هدف منافقین از ترور «کوادراس» چیست؟ - مشرق نیوز

Great source, thanks, Spanish mass media doesnt say anything about it, and I think it's likely the true.
Spanish politician shot in broad daylight suspects his anti-Tehran work is behind the murder attempt
By Alicia Leon, Joseph Wilson and Aritz Parra | AP
November 9, 2023 at 7:08 p.m. EST

MADRID — Veteran Spanish right-wing politician Alejandro Vidal-Quadras was recovering in hospital Thursday after being shot in the face in broad daylight on a central Madrid street. Police were ruling out no hypotheses, including a possible link to the former European lawmaker’s ties with the Iranian opposition.

I have to say: Vidal-Quadras is one of the few Spanish politicians that I deeply respect. He's a smart and moral person, I dont share all his political views, but no doubt he's a excellent good person.
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